The Kentucky Derby: Travel Diary

kentucky derby

Off the the races!

The Kentucky Derby – wow, what an AWESOME experience.  When Vineyard Vines invited me to the Kentucky Derby, I jumped on the chance.  I’ve been trying to go to for years (yes, actually) as I have a good from from Louisville and it’s just never worked out.  FINALLY, I made it there and without a doubt, I’d love to go back.  Although the weather didn’t cooperate on Derby Day (I believe it was the most rain on record), I had a wonderful time. Plus, I am a former equestrian (rode from age 5 – 17) and I love horses–even if I was a little scared for them and the riders in those conditions.

Huge thanks to Cercone Brown Company for being the most gracious hosts and the Vineyard Vines team for outfitting us and giving us an incredible experience at the Kentucky Derby.  We were given the royal treatment from Hanky Panky underwear presents, to seemingly unlimited Kendall Jackson wine and Sambozen açai pops (to help with those hangovers!); it was an unforgettable weekend, to say the least.

kentucky derby manor louisville

Our Kentucky manor (seriously, we stayed here)

We arrived late on Thursday evening but woke up to join an amazing group yoga class on the patio.

Post-workout we were given Hanky Panky underwear in the form of a rose (genius – clearly, I had to capture it)

Followed by brunch at The Porch (DELICIOUS if you’re in Louisville)

If you didn’t Instagram your brunch, did it really happen? (*White dress here)

We drove outside of Louisville to the Woodford Reserve for a bourbon tour and tasting. It was super interesting and as a somewhat history buff, I loved hearing about what happened to the distillery during Prohibition.

“These all taste like whisky to me.”

With my fellow blogger gals, Grace (The Stripe) and Jess (The Golden Girl Blog) before our event at The Speed Museum.  (all wearing Vineyard Vines: Grace’s dress, my dress, M Gemi shoes, Jess’ dress)

kentucky derby vineyard vines outfits

The whole group before the Derby (and before the rain)

kentucky derby vineyard vines

In the Vineyard Vines tent at the Kentucky Derby (highly recommend – food, drinks, betting, and shelter included in the ticket price!) *my Derby dress is here

But we ventured outside to see the horses, even if we had to don the ponchos.

Watching the races. I won $145…and bet $70, so I came out on top! I chose based on horses with low odds, but great names.

Gorgeous creatures.

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  • I love that you used to ride! What discipline did you do? I did hunter/jumpers in high school; I had to stop when college got too busy, and I wish I had started when I was younger!

    The Kentucky Derby looks like such a fun experience even though I’d be worried about the horses (and riders), too (I was worried just watching it on TV). I’d love to go someday!

    • I rode Western Pleasure and also English (Hunter Under Saddle)…I dabbled in jumping but I didn’t love it (showed Quarter Horses!). I know, the conditions that day really had my worried!

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