Holiday 2018 Gift Guide: For the Men

You can take my word on men’s gifts–I worked for a men’s styling company (Trunk Club was just for men from inception until 2015!) and I really came to understand what men liked when it came to gifting.  Men really do like receiving clothes for Christmas (I’ve noticed)–maybe because they don’t love buying them throughout the year.  I’ve also learned that they love practicality – stuff they’re going to use on a daily basis.  Also, don’t be afraid of a little luxury as they also like receiving gifts that they wouldn’t buy themselves.  And like the last gift guide, at the bottom are a few ideas for non-traditional gifts.

Gift Guide: For the Men

  1. Luxe slippers – Guys love cozy slippers – bonus if they’re shearling lined AND have a thick enough sole to wear while outside.  Any age man will love and appreciate these slippers – I promise!  (Lands End basically has a sale every day so check out these slippers as you might be able to snag them for under $40!)
  2. Warm (but stylish) gloves – Bonus – these are smartphone friendly!  Eric takes the Metra and walks about 0.8 miles to the train, so I’m sure he’d appreciate that functionality while choosing a podcast on his walk.
  3. Wireless air buds – You had me at quick charge.  Ooh, also, there’s a portable carrying/charging case.  These are going in Eric’s stocking.
  4. Cozy robe – Robes are always on gift guides for women (for good reason) but do you know who the first person to cozy up in the robe at a hotel is?  Eric.  Then me, because I love a good robe, but don’t forget about the men! (Look for less: this fleecy Lands End robe…and they have tons of sales until Christmas, so right now it’s under $30)
  5. Nespresso De’longhi with milk frother – Does the man you’re shopping for like coffee?  If yes, then he’ll love this.  It’s the easiest machine to use and clean, the coffee is delicious (we buy our pods on amazon–blue is my personal fav), and we use it every day.  Eric was skeptical at first because he really loves a good cup of coffee, but he’s a Nespresso convert for sure.
  6. Dressed-Up Sweatpants – I have a fun story about these sweatpants as I know the founder of Public Rec.  I was at a work party with Eric about eight years ago and his co-worker (they worked in investment banking) was talking to me about how he wanted to start a company that sold sweatpants that looked good enough to wear on casual Friday.  A few years later, he started it and it’s based here in Chicago (in case you want to support small businesses!).  Eric loves the pants and it opened to the door of athleisure to him.  The pants are $95 and shipping/returns are free.  Eric also has this Nike pair in case you want the look for (slightly) less and these RCVA pants are similar for $50 and great for the younger guys.
  7. Overnight bag – I bought Eric a leather duffel six years ago and the leather is so supple and broken in now – it’s gorgeous!  He takes it on weekend or overnight trips all the time.  This Leatherology bag is a fraction of the cost of all the others out there and it’s beautiful.  If you’re looking for canvas, the Everlane overnight bag is a great value!
  8. Cool Sneakers – Men LOVE them.  Get a man a pair of sneaks and win him over forever (how great are these classic Air Force Ones??).  According to Eric, you can’t have too many in your closet.  There are SO many to choose from so a few more recommendations are an all-purpose, minimalist pair like The Greats or lightweight + functional All Birds.
  9. Yeti insulated mug – Coffee or tea drinker, this mug is amazing…especially for winter.  Keeps it hot forever!

Gifts you can’t buy at the store

Tickets to the game – Hockey, baseball, football, soccer, college, professional, whatever it is, snag a few tickets for him; maybe you go with him, maybe he brings his best friend, either way, he will love this gift.

Set of car washes – I might get some eye rolls for this one, but the men I know love to keep their car clean and interior vacuumed on a regular basis.  The places they love hand wash the car and wipe/vacuum the interiors clean (you could even get the car detailed, if you’re feeling splurge-y!)

Reflexology appointment – Nine years ago, Eric and I went to China and it was our first time in Asia.  We had either a massage or reflexology appointment nearly every day and we still talk about how amazing it was.  If you’re new to reflexology, you lay in a lounge chair, get a great foot/leg rub (focusing on pressure points) then a neck/shoulder rub and arms.  It’s my favorite thing ever (Eric’s, too).

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