Holiday 2018 Gift Guide: For Her (+ A Few Unique Gifts That Can’t Be Bought At a Store)

The holidays are nearly here!  This is the first gift guide of my series and I hope you enjoy what I put together–a lot of thought went into these and I stand behind everything I mention (even the non-traditional gift items!) . I’ll be posting a few more curated guides next week so be on the look out!

Gift Guide: For Her

Today we’re focusing on the ladies.  Sometimes you just need a great gift for a woman: maybe she’s your mother-in-law, maybe she’s your best friend, maybe she’s your wife! Whomever the woman, I’d bet she will love one of these gifts.  All these gifts are items that I have (or something similar) and they come highly recommended.  I know some of them have high price tags BUT I included lots of reasonably priced options in the descriptions, when possible.  At the bottom, you’ll find some more unique gift ideas that you can’t buy at a store (I’ve done all of them except one, which I gifted to my mom one year).  

  1. White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap – It really IS a great wrap for travel but I wear it as a normal scarf, too.  It’s very luxurious feeling and after the three years I’ve owned it, it’s STILL super soft.  My mom and sisters always want to borrow it which is the sign of a great item to be gifted. (Gap has a version for half the price here and I recently discovered Naked Cashmere which is worth checking out)
  2. Adina Reyter Jewelry – Find me a woman that wouldn’t be thrilled with a delicate piece of fancy jewelry that she never has to take off and…you can’t?  Well, it’d be few and far between. Since minimalistic jewelry is always in, I wear my Adina Reyter necklace every single day.  The only time xI’ve taken it off is to clean it and for my c-section.  The five tiny diamonds symbolize my precious family (Eric, Harry, Teddy, Jerome and me) and people *always* compliment it. (If you have a bigger budget try this necklace and if you want the look for less try Gorjana!) .
  3. Dyson Stick Cordless Vacuum – I’m including this because 1.) it’s an incredible piece of machinery that everyone should experience 2.) it makes me vacuum way more than I normally do  and 3.) my mom wants one, so I thought it warranted a spot on my list.  This baby has power and I have no problem schlepping it up and down the stairs.  I literally use it daily.  Hint: to save money get a refurbished one from Amazon–DYSON is the one who refurbishes and sells them!
  4. Custom Watercolor Print –  I’m OBSESSED with these and you can get talented Etsy artists to paint any photo!  They look retro to me (in a good way) and remind me of photos I’d see at my grandparents house.  Depending upon the person, you could get so many things painted.  May I suggest: the house your parents owned for decades, a candid photo of your children, a wedding photo, your adorable pup or kitty, silhouettes, virtually anything!  I may get a few of these this year for various folks; it’s such a personal and one-of-a-kind gift.
  5. SKII Sheet Masks – Buy the whole or set or just a single mask (a single is $17) as a small gift.  They’re worth the hype.  I’ve been to a aesthetician who even puts them on your face during the treatment.
  6. Shearling-Lined Slippers – Look, I know what you’re thinking, “slippers on a gift guide…original.” But gosh darnit, I have them, love them, everyone I know that has them also loves them and they’re one of those things that you don’t love buying yourself. (Also, try Lands End for this less expensive version, plus they’re always on sale!)
  7. The Greats Sneakers – The Greats brand has my heart.  I was first was introduced to it at Trunk Club when it only sold men’s sneakers.  I love that they started making a women’s version of the classic, white, no-fuss, chic sneaker (Also, a great gift for HIM!).  Note: believe the website, they run half a size small.
  8. Gucci Ophidia Wallet – Hear me out on this one.  The iconic Gucci print has been all the rage for two separate times in my 30+ years on this Earth so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a classic.  Why a wallet?  Well, I don’t own this one, but Eric bought me the Louis Vuitton damier print ten years ago and it was one of my favorite gifts of all time.  Wallets are always a pleaser, especially one that you’ll carry for decades.  (The RealReal, Luxury Garage Sale and eBay are a great place to get used/vintage designer pieces)
  9. Cuyana Suede Tote – Leather bags are usually all over gift guides and I support that but this suede?  Next level.  I have a Cuyana bag and can vouch that it’s held up nicely over the past five years (yup, five); this suede is just…no words.  It’s beautiful.
  10. Luxe PJ Set: what’s that statistic?  You know the one – you spend half of your life in bed?  Well, if that’s true, I probably spend ¾ of it in pajamas.  As I’ve gotten older, I have come to appreciate the coziest and softest PJs…and any lady will love these. (here’s a less expensive version–a set, too!)
  11. Patagonia Fleece Quarter-Zip – People wear these way more than they admit; whether it’s to walk the dog, to work out or to pick up the kids, ladies love a fleecy pullover.  Patagonia is a brand I’ve been wearing for a long time so I’m a huge fan, even when there are cheaper alternatives out there.  I wear mine on the daily in the fall/winter! (look for less here)

Not pictured + some research required:

Lash Lift at your local spa – Ah, no link to this one, my friends, but it’s a great way to brighten up your face and open up those eyes.  When I combine a lash lift with mascara, my eyes just pop.  To find a spa that does it, simply google ‘lash lift + your city.’  Plus, it lasts longer than eyelash extensions!

Museum Art class – Most art museums, big or small, offer a wide array of classes.  We signed my mom up for one at the Toledo Museum of Art (art major, although, you don’t have to be!) last year and she loved it!  From glass blowing to painting to sculpture to jewelry-making, there’s something for everyone.

High Tea at a fancy hotel – I’ve only been to high tea a number of times, but it’s a very memorable experience.  These days, I just want to spend quality time with people and make memories; how special would it be to get fancy in the middle of the day and spend that time, talking, oohing and ahhing at the fancy china in a gorgeous setting.  It’d be a such a fun gift while an in-law or niece is in town – or take your best friend who is visiting for the weekend!  (The Peninsula, The Drake in Chicago, The Savoy in London are a few places I’ve been – all were lovely!)



  1. I’ve been wanting to try the Greats, but they stop at size 10!? Particularly ridiculous considering that many styles run a half size small. How do any brands stop at size 10 today when so many women have larger feet!?

    Otherwise – great gift guide 🙂

    • I believe their foray into women’s shoes is pretty recent, perhaps that explains the limited sizing? I didn’t even know they carried women’s until very recently (and I bought my husband a pair years ago so I’ve known about the company for awhile). The men’s sizes go all the way up to 15! Either way, we should ping them and ask when they’re going to open it up! 🙂

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