Hatch Restore Review

bedside table with Hatch Restore, lamp, skincare products, and books

I’m not much of a morning person.  I don’t sleep in (because I have three kids) but I have a hard time waking up early.  Blaring alarms give me flashbacks to high school and it’s so easy to keep snoozing on my phone.  Do you know what I miss?  Alarm clocks.  Like an actual alarm clock–not my phone.  I also miss waking up to my favorite FM radio station (remember that?!).   I am also trying to not have my phone be the end all, be all of my life, I thought about how I wanted an alarm clock again, like the good old days.  Enter the Hatch Restore clock. 

If I can give you any sleep advice in this world, it’s that a sunrise wakeup clock is a game changer.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been waking up before the family to work out. (This is my attempt to become a morning person, ha.). And let me tell you, the sunrise wakeup on the Hatch Restore….wow.  Mind blown.  It gently wakes me up instead of blaring a horn in my ear.  I don’t feel like a zombie when I’m waking up–it’s amazing!  So let’s talk about what else I like about the Hatch Restore, shall we?

My favorite parts of the Hatch Restore:

  • Sunrise wakeup – Had to mention it again because I can’t believe how great it is.  It will be so awesome for winter when it’s extra dark outside, too.
  • App set up – The Hatch app makes it easy to set up your bedtime routine, alarm, sounds, colors, etc.  
  • Bedtime routine – I hav a bedtime routine starting everything at 10, which reminds me to get off my phone (it works) and it also has a guided meditation in it.  It calms me down and I fall right to sleep.
  • Totally customizable – Through the app, you can change the color of the wake up light, nature sounds–the options are honestly limitless!

I’m a believer in Hatch; in fact, I’m buying the Hatch Rest for the boys’ room as their sound machine from 2014 (seriously) keeps shorting out.  Perfect timing! Use code ANNA10 for $10 off the Hatch Restore.

*Thank you to Hatch for sponsoring this post!

woman standing near her bedside table with Hatch Restore, lamp, skincare products, and books
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