Would You Wear? Graphic Tees

As you know, fashion is cyclical.  I read that it takes about 20 years for society to forget fashion trends which is why they start to re-emerge after two decades.  It makes sense from my experience.  When I was middle school in the 90s, anything 70s was all the rage (e.g. smiley face tees, bell bottoms, glitter) and this decade has been all about the 90s resurgence (late 90s are on fire right now–remember my long sweater duster?).  It made sense that graphic tees would come back some day.  Designer logos are back in full-force and all of the sudden, I’m loving a good graphic tee…like, what?!  Anyway, here I am with some basic tee that has some stenciled black and white flowers on it, and you know what?  I’m digging it.  You know what they say: what goes around, comes back around (maybe I have Justin Timberlake on the brain…I’m going to his concert on Tuesday!).

round handle leather bag
how to wear graphic tee with sweater

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