Foundations of a Classic Wardrobe

People always ask (and I’m always willing to share) how I built my wardrobe.  They ask how am I still wearing  things I bought years ago.  Or they ask how I decide what will be good for the long haul.  Well, it’s a little bit luck and a little bit strategic.  Also, I know I’ve shared this before, but before I purchase something, I make sure I figure out what else it’ll go with in my current wardrobe first.  That helps me build, what I believe is, a pretty cohesive wardrobe made up of classic, foundational pieces.

Denim That Fits You Like a Glove

Classic mid-high rise slim/straight leg jeans will go the farthest in your wardrobe.  I prefer a variety of washes but if you’re looking to invest in a single pair, I’d go for a medium to dark blue.

AGOLDE straight-leg

Everlane high-rise skinny

Citizens of Humanity slim straight jeans

Classic Neutral Blazers

It’s probably no secret that I love jackets and blazers (hello, One/Third) and that’s because I know the power of the third piece.  A neutral blazer takes a simple white tee and gives you power and pizazz (did I just say pizazz? Let’s go with it).  It can take a seemingly basic look up a few notches.  I prefer slightly oversized and double-breasted although a fitted, single-breasted does the trick, too–it’s all about persona preference.

Tiger Mist camel blazer ($99!)

H&M double-breasted belted blazer

Maje camel blazer

J Crew Regent blazer

Classic Flats

Flats are made for walking and they’ll take you far.  Some of my favorite shoes are flats (I have a penchant for Chanel flats and yes, I think they’re worth the investment but that’s a post for a different day).  Also try shops like Everlane and M Gemi where you can get designer quality for a fraction of the price.

Everlane pointed-toe flats

Sam Edelman loafers (a great Gucci dupe)

Salvatore Ferragamo patent flats (this was one of my first big purchases when I was a young consultant)

So there, you have it–the trusty steeds of my closet.  What are yours?

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