Meet the New Everlane Sneaker

Last week on IG stories, I revealed Everlane’s new shoe: The Court Sneaker.  I love how the new Everlane sneaker looks–the low-profile, the two-tone color, the versatility.  With the recent release of their leggings, Everlane is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in this athleisure market (I love the leggings, too–my sister even bought them after my review!).  And since I wear so many of their clothes anyway, I welcome it!  I believe in their quality, customer, service, and ultimate vision as a company; and it goes without saying that no company is perfect but they were one of the firsts who paved the way with a more transparent pricing model and supply chain–so many other companies have followed suit–it’s progress!

So anyway, let’s talk about the shoe!  Let me preface this with the fact that I am not a huge sneaker person.  I have some AllBirds (super comfy), The Greats (beautiful and stiff–took forever to break in), but I am excited to add these into the rotation.  When I initially took them for a spin, I thought they were super comfortable.  The leather isn’t flimsy, yet they feel broken-in.  So, I decided to take them to NYC last weekend.  I walked about 6 miles around Manhattan last Friday (I had lots of meetings) and I wore these without socks.  I DIDN’T HAVE ANY BLISTERS.  I’m not joking.  So, I wore them to walk around Soho/the Village/West Village on Saturday AND took my friend’s dog for a walk in the Central Park Woods (near UWS–clocked another 6.5 miles)–STILL NO BLISTERS.  You guys, that’s huge for a sneaker without socks.  I’m both sold and convinced.  I’m wearing the white/mustard color and they run TTS.

*Thank you to Everlane for sponsoring this post!

everlane sneaker review
everlane review

  • I’m wearing these right now as I type this. They are SO COMFY. And oddly, I wore them without socks the other day and they are insanely soft on the inside, ha! I Love that they have a touch of color on them so they’re not just a boring white sneaker. And sustainable. So many wins! well done everlane yet again.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

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