Celebrating Mom + The Best Advice I Ever Received

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Cashmere Mist for Mother’s Day!

There are just some things you don’t appreciate about your parents until you have kids.  I unfortunately lost my dad to cancer in 2014 and I miss him so much every day.  Knowing how easy it is to lose someone you love makes me appreciate having my mom still in my life that much more.

I’m so grateful that my parents raised me to be independent and curious.  I felt loved and protected but also knew that I wanted to get out on my own to explore.  Some of the best advice my mom gave me when I was a new mom was a reminder that I was the parent.  As much as you want to cave to your child’s every whim and be their friend, be their parent first.   I’ve never forgotten this advice and have applied it to my relationships with my three boys.

I love them so much–and they know it.  We laugh together, have fun, play, but at the end of the day, they know I am in charge and that I am there to protect them.  As an adult, my mom and I have evolved into friends and there’s a mutual respect because she was a parent to me first while growing up.  Thanks, Mom (and Dad) for being that example and helping me navigate this whole parenthood thing!

Celebrating Mom + The Best Advice I Ever Received

So yes, my mom deserves a wonderful gift this Mother’s Day.  I owe her a lot.  She has actually always loved DONNA KARAN scents and the Cashmere Mist perfume will be perfect for her.  The scent is intoxicating: Moroccan Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Sandalwood (sandalwood is my favorite).  When I smell it, I think of her and I know when I give her a hug the next time I see her, she’ll be wearing it.  It’s luxurious and gosh darn it, my mom deserves it!  (I bet your mom or mother figure in your life deserves it, too) You can buy the Cashmere Mist scent, along with lotions all on Nordstrom.

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