Currently: My Favorite Workout Clothes

As you know, I’m a Peloton loyalist.  Their stock keeps dropping and I keep on loving them because that’s what you do when you’re committed.  (See my comprehensive Peloton review here.)  The Peloton got me through some very tough times in 2020.  And it had nothing to do with fitness–it was survival. I had just lost a baby at 21 weeks, was newly pregnant with surprise Bennett soon after losing the baby, oh, and we were in a worldwide lockdown due to a global pandemic; to say that it became an outlet is an understatement.  ANYWAY, even if you don’t want the bike, the Peloton app is amazing especially with the fact that you can just mirror the phone app on your TV–sometimes I get workouts done in my bedroom!  I love the 10 and 15 minute classes.  

But this post isn’t about the Peloton at all.  Peloton is just adjacent to this because it’s the my only form of fitness.  No, this post is about what I wear when I workout.  Again, as a non-work-outie, non-sporty person, I just buy what feels comfortable and what will last!  Some days I’ll wear my workout clothes all day (I work from home) but honestly, I don’t really ‘live’ I workout clothes.  I like to take them off afterwards.  And if you see my at drop off in workout clothes, well, no you didn’t (jk, I totally wear that to drop off).

My Favorite Workout Clothes:

Amazon tank – Apparently it’s a Vuori dupe and it’s WONDERFUL.  Which reminds me–I need to buy another one as a backup.

APL shoes – I love these; I really do.  I am slightly bummed because I wish they were more durable–they seem to wear and tear at the toes pretty easily but they’re so comfortable that they’re my workout sneaker of choice (I have a narrow foot, too).  Buy them on sale because they’re not worth full price (and they always go on sale).

Vuori daily legging – I bought these back in the fall and man, I LOVE THEM.  They wash amazingly and are so comfortable.  Definitely one of the best legging brands out there, in my humble opinion

Amazon shorts – When I found myself on Alabama Rush TikTok all the 18 year olds were wearing them; they looked cute, were $20, so I snagged some and I love them, too!  Rush Pi Phi!

Amazon built-in bra tank – Another solid dupe–I think this is similar Luluelemon but whatever it is, it’s affordable, durable, and flattering.  Great buy!  (I love a built-in bra).

Any great workout finds?  Share in the comments!

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