shopbop spring picks

Shopbop Spring Sale (What I Bought & What I Already Own)

Shopbop Spring Sale It’s that time of year!  This sale is the time when you can save up to 25% at Shopbop with code SPRING.  Because Shopbop is one of my favorite retailers, I bought a bunch of stuff for our upcoming trip with month (if we even get to go due to all the […]

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apres ski style

Real Outfit Recap (Date Nights and Denver)

I used to share my real outfit recaps often; they were generally mirror selfies from work.  But with the increasing popularity of instagram stories, you pretty much see my looks a few times a week and I also have since added the popular #shopyourclosetseries.  But, lately I have had some looks that haven’t made it […]

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mallorca travel guide

Mini Mallorca Travel Guide

Mallorca was magical and although the trip was brief (5 days), I’d take that journey over and over again.  So many of you recommended Mallorca when I was just exploring our trip to Spain and I can see why; it’s only a 35 minute flight from Barcelona yet seems worlds away.  The people of Mallorca […]

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What I’m Packing For Spain

Maybe you’ve forgotten, because I sort of have, but I’m going to Spain in less than two weeks.  Life sneaks up on you when curveballs are being thrown your way, eh?  We’ve had a ton of stuff happening with our house (leaky basement being resealed and it’s currently torn apart, a landscaping project that made […]

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