What I’m Packing For Spain

Maybe you’ve forgotten, because I sort of have, but I’m going to Spain in less than two weeks.  Life sneaks up on you when curveballs are being thrown your way, eh?  We’ve had a ton of stuff happening with our house (leaky basement being resealed and it’s currently torn apart, a landscaping project that made our house a dirt pit for a week) and most importantly, we lost our beloved Jerome.  Personally, when things are in disarray at home, I don’t WANT to escape; I’d rather stay home and fix things.  But, the trip is booked and paid for, and Eric and I could use some time alone; I know we will have a good time.  And we’ve never been to Spain! 

What I’m Packing For Spain

I haven’t even revealed where we’re going: Mallorca–it will be incredible.  And here’s a start to what I’m packing (although, I’m still looking for the perfect kimono cover up, if you have any leads):

AGOLDE jean shorts (shop more AGOLDE here) – I live in these jean shorts so I obviously have to bring these.

H&M linen skirt (shop more skirts here) – linen = summer.

Treasure & Bond hat (shop more hats here)- Sun protection, people.  And I need a new hat.

H&M blue/white dress – I love wearing blue and white on vacation.

Kos Resort maxi (shop more Kos here) – just a pretty dress for a nice dinner.

Everlane crossover sandals – my go-to sandals this summer.

Splendid tie-dye dress (shop more Splendid here) – because vacation is for wearing tie-dye.

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