Mini Mallorca Travel Guide

Mallorca was magical and although the trip was brief (5 days), I’d take that journey over and over again.  So many of you recommended Mallorca when I was just exploring our trip to Spain and I can see why; it’s only a 35 minute flight from Barcelona yet seems worlds away.  The people of Mallorca are warm and welcoming and in Port de Soller, where we stayed, the vibe was laid back–no pretense, just people wanting to have fun in a beautiful setting.  I’m sharing a mini Mallorca travel guide and telling you everything we did (and yes, there are tons of pictures at the end of the post).  Enjoy!

What to Eat in Port de Soller, Mallorca

Like any good Mediterranean destination, Mallorca is full of delicious seafood.  Of course, there are a plethora of non-fishy options (since it’s full of tourists) but the seafood is fresh and delicious.    Be sure to make reservations about a week in advance or have your hotel do it (most will be happy to do it–I just gave ours a list) because they book up each night.  Also, it’s worth noting that if you are bringing kids, all these places were kid-friendly.  I saw a child or baby in every restaurant we visited.  (I linked to TripAdvisor so you can contact them and check out reviews, etc)

Bellame – We thought a casual pizza sounded good one day and it was DELICIOUS–and super cheap.  We gobbled up two pizzas no problem–crust and all.  Looked like it was full of locals, too (it was a few streets in from the main drag).

Xelini – Located on a charming sidewalk that overlooks the port, it’s perfect for Spanish tapas.  Everything we ate was perfect, from shishito peppers to the Greek salad to the meatballs.  Plus, our server was super friendly and helpful.

Kingfisher – It seemed like it was the most popular restaurant in Port de Soller–booked every night and everyone I spoke to (including locals) said it was the best.  It was so delicious and fresh; seafood is their specialty so you can’t go wrong with prawns or a whole fish.  Great views and wonderful service, too (also, it’s next door to Xelini).

Io Gelats Artesans Port – Right on the main drag and the gelato hit the spot as a snack a few hours before dinner.  The marscapone pistachio was perfecto.

SaBarca – A local also told me this was one of the best restaurants; the tuna tartare was incredible (with wasabi and cucumber…mmm) and I also got the curry because I wanted a break from seafood.  It was the most sophisticated-looking out all the restaurants we went to and the crowd matches.

Neni – A very beautiful and boho restaurant on the roof of the Bikini Mountain Hotel (amazing name, right?).  I’m a huuuuuuuge fan of middle-eastern/Lebanese food–I grew up eating it (a bunch of my family members all worked at a Lebanese restaurant) and it will forever be one of my favorite cuisines.  Also, the whole restaurant staff is incredibly good-looking, which doesn’t hurt.  Great hummus, kebab, and falafel.

Sa Foradada – Honestly, the food was fine but it doesn’t even matter because you go for the views and experience.  The restaurant is open for lunch only and you can only access it by hiking up a mountain or via boat (we did the latter).  We went with a shared boat charter so we ate with our new friends/a bunch of strangers and it was a great time.  They’re known for their wood-fired paella!

Agapanto – This is located on the very end of the strip and we went on our last night after we were on the boat all day.  We were pretty exhausted so we made the dinner quick, but it’s meant to be a place where you have a long, leisurely, romantic dinner.  It’s right on the beach and overlooking the port.  The menu is in like with SaBarca and Kingfisher–it was delicious, too!

What to Do in Port de Soller, Mallorca

We had big plans to leave Port de Soller either to visit Deia or another neighboring town, but we were there for a short trip so we decided to stay put.  The town has everything you’d ever need so you don’t need to leave, honestly.  Walk around the main strip–it’s so lively with people on the beach, hanging out at bars, eating delicious food, and cute little shops.

Relax – That’s what I wanted to do; I read two books and we lounged by the hotel pool a few days but you can also rent chairs at the main beach (go early–they go fast).

Get on a boatWe went on a boat twice with Bonnie Lass Charters; they were AMAZING and I can’t recommend them enough.  They are super responsive on email, too.  Amazing and warm staff who double as tour guides as they take you out in the water.  We did a wine tasting/sunset cruise with them one evening (only Mallorcan wines since they grow a lot of grapes on the island) and took a full day charter out with a bunch of strangers who then became friends.  I love doing that kind of stuff while traveling–it’s why we travel, right?!  To experience new cultures, experiences, and to meet friendly people.  I met Swedish, Canadian, Spanish, French, and Mexican friends on that charter and it was so so fun (and inexpensive! 120 euros per person for the day).  

Get lost – I like to wander.  Eric likes an agenda.  But I’m a firm believer you should always find a way to meander and see your destination without anywhere specific to go.  That’s always how I find the best souvenirs and hidden gems.

Where to Stay in Port de Soller, Mallorca

We only stayed one place so I can only vouch for that location but I was able to see a few hotels while I was there (and where else we looked).  Also, I met some tourists who raved about their Airbnbs so that’s always a great option.

Jumeriah Port Soller Hotel – This is where we stayed and we had a wonderful experience.  Let me just start with: UM, the views were incredible.  It’s situated on a cliff that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.  Breakfast was included with our rate and every day we were able to eat outside, overlooking that gorgeous sea and cliff.  We walked back to town and back to the hotel every single night and it was like a leg day workout everyday (so many steps at this hotel–yes, they have elevators but it’s so spread out that steps are inevitable).  There are several pools (both adult and kid-friendly) making it a great choice for couples OR families.  I had never heard of this hotel chain but Eric said it’s a Dubai-based Four Seasons equivalent and I definitely agree.  The staff is warm and amazing, too.  They have several restaurants but I don’t love staying in to eat; I much prefer venturing out to try local restaurants, although we did eat breakfast and have coffee here each morning.  I would definitely recommend!  (Biggest regret: not checking out their spa)

We walked through the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel (that name…I know) daily and it was so cute and boho–seriously, it’s beautifully decorated and it was probably had patrons closer to our age group.   (Neni, the restaurant was also delicious.)

We considered the Belmond La Residencia in Deia but we wanted to be closer to the water and in Port de Soller.

Now, I leave you with lots of pictures and the outfits I wore all week.  I did pack with just a carry-on and it was easy; it’s HOT there in August so a flowy dress is all you need (and all you’d want).  You’ll live in a bathing suit/cover up during the day, too.

Pool day at the Jumeriah – Eberjey swim suit (shop more Eberjey here)

Another pool day – Marysia suit (I’ve had this forever! Such a well made swimsuit–shop more Marysia here), Brixton hat (shop more Brixton here)

old Topshop tank, Amazon skirt, Boden sandals

Off to hit the town for dinner – Kos Resort dress (shop more Kos here), Tamara Mellon sandals

Before I had to psyche myself up to walk up the hill back to the hotel.

We took these steps into the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel daily (it was a shortcut) – H&M dress, Brixton hat, Jeffrey Campbell slides

Our breakfast view every day at the Jumeriah.

Sunset cruise with Mallorcan wines + Bonnie Lass.

Blurry selfie we sent the kids – this is on the main road that overlooks the beach.

Elevator selfie – H&M dress, Boden sandals 

Parents’ week out

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