My New Bag: The Goyard Anjou GM

A Goyard tote has been on my list for awhile.  I’m not carrying THAT much stuff around for my kids anymore and I wanted an unstructured carry-all that I could carry to meetings while not feeling like it’s too formal for preschool pickup.  I knew I wanted to buy it abroad–the exchange rate in London (and the rest of Europe) is pretty good for us Americans right now.  In London, you can get the 20% VAT tax back which is a pretty good chunk of change (over $400!) when you’re buying a designer good.  If you’re looking for a Goyard specifically, Paris is probably the place to buy it; some of the prices are the least expensive there and with the current exchange rate, it’s the best deal.  Anyway, so, I went for it–and I also ended with up with a different bag than I intended: the Goyard Anjou.

I originally intended to purchase the Goyard St. Louis GM – the basic tote that comes in a million colors.  Then I saw the Anjou–she definitely cost more but it’s reversible, so I felt like it was a two-fer (two for one).  Did I mention she’s reinforced with lather seams?  But the fact that you could reverse it into a leather bag is what ultimately sold me. I love how the Goyard print looks on the inside when you reverse it–and I was sold by the tan and white tones.  I bought the GM size, which is the largest and it is truly a carry-all.

So there it is–I took the plunge and have no regrets; I’ve carried her a ton since I returned back from London.  If there’s any other bags you’d like me to review, let me know–I love my bags! (Click here for my 3-Day London Guide)

mom style goyard anjou review
mom style goyard anjou review
mom style goyard anjou

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