Cape Cod Travel Guide (See Jane Go)

I just spent some time in Cape Cod for the first time and I was so entranced by it that I thought I’d share some of my favorite things to do.  I was a Cape Cod virgin prior to this trip so feel free to share some favorites or add on to what I missed!


  • Visit Provincetown–it’s worth the drive.  Fun fact: the Mayflower actually landed here and the Pilgrims hung out for a few months before eventually settling the famous Plymouth.  The town is vibrant, fun, colorful and the food is amazing.  (It reminded me of Key West with Cape Cod architecture.)  Must eat: Canteen for a lobster roll and Happy Camper for the best cookie ice cream EVER.
  • Best beaches (that I visited): Coast Guard National Beach for vast beaches and seal sightings (it’s on the Atlantic side of the Cape) and Mayflower Beach, which is on the bay.  The waves are calm and the sand is pillowy and white–great for families. 
  • Eat as much seafood as possible.  It was really hard for me to pass up oysters on the half-shell…I love them.  I guess it was kind of fun watching Eric eat them?  Anyway, he raved about how amazing every oyster he ate was and I was brimming with jealousy.  I also ate lobster and clams every day.  Delicious casual seafood spots: The Friendly Fisherman and Sesuit Harbor Cafe.
  • I stayed at the Platinum Pebble Inn, located in Harwich.  Honestly, this place is a huge reason why I had such a great trip to Cape Cod.  The rooms are impeccably clean, breakfast is served daily, the settings are lush, beautiful and private and the owners are the most accommodating people I’ve ever met.  They gave us daily suggestions and were amazingly helpful.  Plus, they have two English Bulldogs, so they must be ok 🙂
  • Other great places to eat:  Ocean House for a modern twist on delicious seafood (and the view!), Sundae School for your ice-cream fix (get the grape nut ice cream), and Buca’s if you need a break from the seafood.  I didn’t spend much time in Barnstable but we got a coffee at Nirvana Coffee Company and it was incredible.

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