Bissell Steam Mop Review (From Someone Who Hates to Clean)

steam mop review

These are trying times. So trying that I’m sharing a review of the Bissell steam mop here on the blog (but honestly, I received so many messages about it, I feel like it’s my civic duty now!).  We’re all home SO MUCH.  And I think some would think, “my house will be so clean because I’m stuck inside.”  Um, who are those people?  Not me.  My house is messier than ever because I’m constantly making meals, cleaning up after everyone, asking everyone to pitch in, and so forth.  We normally have a cleaning lady come twice a month. But given this environment, she isn’t coming (and we are paying her–can’t wait until she returns!). 

I have a few least favorite chores: emptying the dishwasher, putting laundry away, and cleaning the floors.  Mopping/cleaning the floors is the absolute worst.  I feel like you can’t do it enough and it feels like your floors are never truly clean. had a friend rave to me about her steam mop (this is life in your 30s, folks) and given the quarantine conditions, I felt like it was the perfect time to snag one.  My only wish?  I should’ve bought it earlier.

Bissell Steam Mop Review

A little background: I hate cleaning.  I don’t find it cathartic or relaxing.  It’s not something I’ve ever liked doing. However, I do feel a sense of accomplishment when I’m done, so not all is lost.  My mom always had me doing a ton of chores growing up and I tried mercilessly to get out of them.  I even had horses and had to clean up after them!  Maybe that’s where this pent up frustration with cleaning all stems from…hmmm. Anyway, even now as an adult, I try VERY hard to be tidy and while our house is generally clean (…and I could probably use a boot camp when it comes to organization), I need to let it be known that I’d rather do anything else but clean up.

Enter: the Bissell Steam Mop.  It’s the easiest way to sanitize your floors, which I can’t get enough of amidst the deliveries coming in so that I can avoid the store.  It gets out stubborn stuff on my kitchen floor (probably smooshed raspberries) in one flick of the wrist–whereas I usually have to get on my hands and knees to get off something like that!  The removable mop head cover is super easy to wash.  The mop only uses water to clean but also comes with scented tabs if you want that “fresh scent”–I only use half a tab at at time.  

A few notes about the Bissell Steam Mop:

  • YES, it is safe to use on hardwood floors but only on sealed floors.  Chances are, your floors are sealed/finished, but just make sure!  Also, use it on the lowest steam setting for hardwood.
  • Use distilled water.  Like any product that produces steam (breathing machines, humidifiers), distilled water prevents buildup.
  • I love using it on my bathroom tile; it has a little scrub brush in the back that works wonderfully on grout.
  • I bought mine off Walmart as it’s a little cheaper than the one on Amazon.  It also comes with a two year warranty.

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