Best Etsy Jewelry Shops

I’m so hot and cold with Etsy.  Sometimes, I’m obsessed with it and can’t stop looking; then I have dry spells and kind of forget about it for awhile.  Well, around the holidays I got back into the obsession because Etsy jewelry is amazing and so many shops are perfect for personalized jewelry.  There are also inexpensive pieces that are so gorgeous looking.  During my obsessed-period, I found a ton of great stores that have fantastic pieces.  And the best part?  There are all different price points.  Plus, we all know Etsy jewelry makes for a great gift as they’re heavy on personalization.  Plus, you’ll be sure to love them–all the stores have a 5-star rating!

(Just note that I keep it simple when it comes to jewelry–my standby pieces are here–so most of these recommendations are minimalistic and classic!)

Best Look for Less: elevado

This shop is perfect for inexpensive, dainty pieces (everything below is under $20!0.  Maybe you want to try the huggie earring trend or perhaps you just got your ears triple pierced.  Try out this shop and these pieces below:

Best Value for Personalized Jewelry:  GLDNxLayeredAndLong

This shop has so many great gift ideas–think initials, personalizations for all you moms out there, and gorgeous, dainty, layered necklaces.

Best Personalized Diamonds – Zoe Lev Jewelry

I stumbled upon this shop while searching endlessly for a personalized diamond necklace and discovered this shop through the process (and ordered a piece)!

Best Fashion Diamonds – Ferkos Fine Jewelry

This store is all about dainty diamonds and they’re a pretty good value!  They look like the Adina Reyter and Suzanne Kalan pieces that are out there.

Best Value for Diamonds – JSV Concepts

I found this store when trying to find an alternative to the EF Collective diamond earrings I bought from Shopbop.  Don’t get me wrong–I love mine!  But they’re sold out AND they were a little too expensive for what they were.  This store has great diamond alternatives.

You’re probably about to look at Etsy jewelry shops all day now, but my bet is you’ll find something good.  Happy shopping! (And Valentine’s Day is coming up so you can throw out some hints)

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