And Just Like That, The Year is Over

And Just Like That, The Year is Over

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night!  It’s my last blog post of the year.  Also, I watched Sound of Music the other night so it’s fresh in my head.  As I watched, I wondered why it seems to be a Christmas movie tradition–there’s nothing holiday about it?  My guess is that it’s an old classic. Some families still huddle together over the holidays to watch movies together.  I know we do–my kids LOVE movies and they even enjoy Sound of Music.  

It got me thinking about holiday memories.  I, of course, remember some big holiday moments but mostly, I remember how I felt.  The anticipation of the surprises, the family time, the repeated watching of everyone’s favorite movies, baking cookies, the lights, the songs, the excitement you felt while giving a gift, the food.  It was many small moments rather than “oh yeah, I was os pumped I got that exact thing I wanted.” 

That’s what I am striving for during the holidays.

Little memories.  Snippets of joy.  Bellowing laughter.  And as someone who always loved thee holidays, it pains me to admit that this time of year has felt pretty bleak since my dad died (over seven years ago).  My kids have helped bring back that holiday joy in so many ways but a part of me will forever feel like there’s someone missing.  So, I cling to those memories of holidays past because I think it helps me focus on the present.  

We won’t remember the holiday shampoo gift set you received from someone but you will remember the hilarious white elephant gift exchange, or making a huge mess with your kids baking cookies, or the nostalgic feeling of Christmas carols.  I wish you all t he merriest of Christmases, the Happiest of Holidays, and I’ll see you in the new year.  As always, t hank you for being here on my decade+ long journey.  I wish I could say I’ve got something big cooking but I’m just chugging along, too, hoping for the best and praying for some normalcy.  

Love you all!

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