2022 Recap with Sézane

Happy New Year!  I feel so lucky to have worked with one of my favorite brands, Sézane, over the back half of the year and every time I wear one of their pieces, I undoubtedly receive questions about it.  It’s easy to see why; the pieces are fun, wearable, and reasonably priced.  Plus, it’s a French brand and you could say it has that certain je ne sais quois.

2022 Recap with Sézane

So, let’s talk about these key pieces that have CARRIED my wardrobe over the past few months:

Lou Lou Trousers in Coffee (wearing a 4)

The PERFECT weight trousers that I wore all fall and will continue to wear in winter and spring.  Also, an amazing weight and fit.

Jordanna White Blouse 

One of my favorite all-time white blouses.  Also, I wore it all summer and fall and am back to layering it for winter.

Marino Denim Trousers (wearing a 4)

Absolutely love these wide leg trousers and the fact that they’re denim makes them even better.  These give you legs for days!

Syana Sequin Dress

SUCH a fun, festive, and easy piece.  Looks chic and I think I’m going to wear it with sheer black tights to a Valentine’s Day event!    

Clark bag

An easy every day bag that you can dress up or down.  

Brut Sexy Jeans

The PERFECT slim-straight denim and for $125 it’s quite a steal.  Also, I go TTS but I have heard feedback that many have sized up (I have no butt/narrow hips–if that helps).  I have them in blue and black (long).

Johnson Coat (wearing a 4) 

Perfectly tailored and structured and looks like you put some effort in when you wear it.

Leontine Sweater (wearing a S) 

So, it comes in a plethora of colors and it’s a wearable cotton–I have worn the heck out of this sweater.

Medrick Coat (wearing a 4) 

So, I’m wearing it in camel and it’s only available in blue but I LOVE THIS COAT.

Tianna Shirt

Love a cool, patterned blouse – so easy to wear during chilly months.

Arnold Cardigan (wearing a S) 

Gosh this is almost too pretty to wear–ALMOST.  I have worn this a lot, from just hanging with friends to the airport with jeans.  It’s so pretty and different from everything in my closet.

Finn sweater (wearing a M) 

One of my favorite, textured, nubby fisherman sweaters.

Gille Skirt (wearing a 4) 

I can’t resist a mini skirt with boots.

*If I didn’t mention an item, it’s because it’s sold out.  

*Thanks to Sézane for being a longterm partner!

Recap with Sézane in Photos 

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