Glitter Boots – Part II (See Jane DIY)

that’s better

Some craft projects make me want to give up, but this time I was on a mission.  These glitter booties, while simple, didn’t turn out how I had intended–probably because I did them with the wrong glitter first time around.  I can admit when something I did was subpar and part one was just that.   I planned going to go back and fill in the holes with chunkier glitter, but decided to just peel it all off (seriously) and start from scratch.  The end result?  Much better glitter booties.

just call me Dorothy
looking good from any angle

Big thanks to my friend/co-worker Jan who weathered the storm and did these with me!  I think it’s safe to say we’re going to look rad at work.

(Note:  I also did these at home and not Starbucks which provided for a more thorough job.)


  1. i pinned the original glitter boot a while back and though to myself..i should try and do this myself. but your post inspired me to get on it and get working. i just got my old navy boots yesterday and i actually really like them! they were only $26, so i've thought about having a plain version and a glitter version. oh the options. great job!

  2. i did this to a pair of flats, turned out great but after a few wears the glue cracked and the glitter started falling off :(…i hope that these stay pretty! 🙂

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