If These Walls Could Talk (See Jane Paint)

I’ve made the decision that I’ll be painting my bedroom this summer.  I’ve decided on a gray–neutral enough to go with most but bold enough to make a statement.  I’m hoping to do this at the end of the month (we’ll see…you know how these things go).  Please let me know if you have any favorite gray paints.

Also, note that I’ve never painted a room by myself; has anyone ever done it?  Any tips you can share?


  1. Make sure you put good quality tape along the edges of the ceilings/ walls/ floor, and get a really good quality rolling-sponge brush.
    Love the gray idea!


  2. LOVE the first photo. And I absolutely agree with you- you can play around with textures and colors if your walls are neutral but still chic and not drab. I think a slate gray will be a good look and while I have zero expertise with painting, you can try a slight white trim to make it look classier.

  3. I love that you are going with gray!! I find gray makes a room so instantly chic! As for painting… the fella and I attempted to paint our last apartment, and it was definitely not without some struggle. My biggest tip is to paint the entire room at one time! Like, do one coat on the entire room, let it dry, then do the next coat of the entire room. Neverrrr paint half or part of a wall – even if you're using the same can of paint, it somehow will dry differently, and you can see where you stopped & started. Picture me & my 12 foot ceilings… I paint as high as I can reach (about half way up) all around the room, thinking the fella can climb up on the ladder to finish the top half when he gets home. There was a LINE half way up the wall where I stopped and he started. Also, get all of your paint mixed at once… going back for more paint might result in a slightly different shade! Those are my two main tips! But otherwise, have fun, take your time and I'm sure you will be sooo excited with the results!! Can't wait to see!

  4. The hubby and I have painted four rooms in the house we currently live in. Here are my tips: 🙂
    1. Purchase the wider 3M painters tape, usually in blue. They have different width sizes, the bigger the better.
    2. Don't over soak your roller or brush with too much paint. This will cause the paint to drip and run on the wall. It's not cool to see drip marks once you're done, especially since you worked so hard.
    3. Once you've completed all coats of paint, remove the painters tape asap. Be careful, cause sometimes paint has seeped through. The reason to remove it quickly is because if it is completely dry, we've experienced some of the dry paint to also peel off with the tape. If that happens, just take a small tip paint brush (like one you'd use if you were painting on a canvas) and just paint the small areas where the paint was removed.

    Hope my tips help! 🙂 and good luck!

    xo ~ Colleen

  5. i did my bedroom in "Manhattan Mist" by Behr (760E-2) – it is super light, but looks awesome. it looked kinda of purple for a while, but i convinced myself out of that and now i love it!

  6. Remove everything from the room that doesn't need to be painted. If that's not possible, cover with plastic sheets. Cover (double cover) floors with plastic sheets, newspapers, tarps, whatever you have or can get. There will be splatters and spills and drips, no matter how careful you are. And make sure you have paint thinner or cleaner at hand before you start, or you'll be frantically searching the store while cover in paint splatters afterward (true story 🙂

  7. I wish I had some advice to give! I'm the worst at painting, I always make a serious mess. Love greys, I don't think you can go wrong!

  8. That's so funny – I am also painting my bedroom (and living room) a shade of gray this summer. My mom and aunt are coming to help me, since I have never painted anything on my own either… Everyone's tips are really great!

    I'm also scouring ApartmentTherapy.com for any pointers they might have.

  9. I painted three rooms in my apartment last year, not so fun, but so worth it. My bathroom is an extremely light grey which I love called Heavy Goose, which is what it felt like after an hour or so of painting.Trimmer/Edgers are INVALUABLE, you can almost skip taping the ceiling if you use one, saves massive time, you can buy them at Home Depot or any paint store


    And of course shameless self promotion: http://heywhynot-daniellebreen.blogspot.com/

  10. My office is a DEVINE: Fog. Looked grey, looks blueish on the walls, dont love.

    So going to paint my daughters room SHERWINN WILLIAMS: 6002 Essential Gray. It looks promising, no blues to it 😉

    Cant wait to see what accents you are doing because I am struggling with sheets.

    Am going to do a valance that matches the wall color, fluffy, has movement to it. The comforters are PEONY PINK (bright raspberry pink) but trying to figure out sheets w/ white furniture.

    So keep us posted!

  11. Andrea is right, Dove Grey is heavenly (no pun intended). My only caution with grey is be sure to nail the right finish. It can look to silvery if you have any sort of gloss so I recommend an eggshell.

    Can't wait to see pics.

  12. I can't remember what the exact colour I used was called but it was gorgeous! a dove grey and we got so many compliments on it, very classy but still fun, plus it lets you play with accessories and bedding! Can't wait to see what the finished result looks like!

    p.s the only painting tip I have is be prepared to want to quit after the first coat. So grab some wine. And a really good helper!

  13. My husband and I painted our bedroom Chinchilla by Sherwin Williams. It's moody and mellow, and sometimes has a hint of taupe-ish grey depending on the time of day. Love!

    We've paired it with breezy white curtains and white bedding, and then used orange/coral acccents. I guess my advice would be to keep a lot of white in the room to balance it out, since that particular color is on the darker side.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see the end result.

  14. There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to completely change the feel of a room! Tip: hire someone to do it! I know painting is totally do-able, but professionals can do it quickly and you won't have to worry about backpain!

  15. Benjamin Moore is the best paint out there – but you'll definitely pay for it. They have incredible colors and are low VOC. When you paint, you'll barely smell it. I'd highly recommend using it. We just finished painting our entire home – including our bedroom in a soft gray (pale oak). Good luck!


  16. Emily in Richmond VA says:

    We did our nursery/guest room in Benjamin Moore's Pelican Gray. We were going to go darker but this color is lovely. We first trimmed out the room– all the edges and corners, around light switches and outlets with a good brush. We didn't use tape–not a big fan of the bleeding that you get with tape. We used there low VOC, all in one and only needed one gallon per room and still have some left over. Have fun!

  17. Take a look at this month's real simple. They have some neat ideas about paint starting on pg. 140. One thing I loved was they gave ideas on colors for ceilings.

  18. i have to second and third everyone who said to make sure you do a good taping job. We just painted our dining room grey and it looks great. I'm sure it will look fab in your bedroom.
    There is a green tape, i think it's called Frog tape or something. It's a little more expensive but it is the best!

  19. Hey Chicago blogger! Love the colors! I too painted my room recently to a lovely gray. When I was in the store, the color looked more like the gray on your top right picture, but when I was done painting, it looked more like the bottom left . I suppose just prepare yourself for the color to change depending on the light you get in the room. Other then that, if your looking for perfection- don't ask your friends to help!


  20. I just recently found your blog through Helena of Brooklyn Blonde and I see you want to paint the room Gray. I just painted my room a gray color myself last year I used the home depot's Sterling and its the best color because it changes color throughout the light of the day. I used an eggshell finish that has a nice sheen to it and high gloss crisp white for the trim. Don't forget filling and sanding of walls and a primer.

  21. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and love it so far. I echo the advice of those above that it's worth it to spend the time carefully taping and doing all the prep work. It's a pain when all you want to do is get started painting, but the results will be worth it in the end!

    Liz from lizlovesclothes.blogspot.com

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