Oatmeal Cookies + Good Stuff (See Jane Bake)

I received a KitchenAid mixer for my bridal shower and had been anxious to put it to work.  Suffice to say, it didn’t disappoint; it makes mixing so easy!  I’ve never been a huge baking fan, but perhaps the tides will turn now that I have this helpful contraption on hand.

All of the sudden I’m getting these hankerings for sweets that I never really had before (I’m a salty food kind of gal).  I’ll blame it on pre-wedding jitters.  I just knew I needed something slightly sweet with peanut butter (I used natural peanut butter) and once I found this recipe from BrownEyedBaker, I knew it was fate.  Eric says these cookies are, “the best ever…how are they so soft and delicious?”  His words, not mine, thus you should probably make them.


  1. Oatmeal cookies are my favorite! I yearn for a KitchenAid mixer. Last night I was complaining about mixing something while making dinner and yelling to my boyfriend about how I wanted one, haha.

  2. Cookies and Margs? Oh Carrie's comment made me laugh!

    Our Kitchen Aid mixer was the first present we got – can't wait to use it, once married πŸ˜‰ ha!

  3. don't you love a mna' take on something he enjoys! Like dang you made this? umm yes a$$ while you sat and watched sports i was cooking and cleaning! hehe

    this was one item we didn't get, and i am SAD!!!!!!!

  4. Best looking oatmeal cookies I've ever seen. Most oatmeal cookies like dry and kinda hard but these look chewy and soft πŸ™‚
    xx Allie

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