Olive Oil Lemon Cake (See Jane Bake)

I’m by no means an expert baker, but sometimes you’ve just got to appease the crowds (i.e. Eric).  My fiancé doesn’t just have one sweet tooth, he’s got a whole mouthful.  As I perused through one of my best friend’s blogs, I saw the words ‘olive oil’ + ‘lemon’ side by side and knew I needed to try it for myself.  The olive oil adds a certain depth to the cake, but without the heaviness.  I was tempted to call it a loaf, but ultimately ended up calling it a cake due to the cane sugar sprinkled on top and also to appeal to the man.  (Note to self:  men would rather eat something called a cake, rather than a loaf.)  I also made the fresh blueberry sauce as suggested in the recipe here and all in all, it made it a colorful, beautiful dessert that was just the remedy for a cold night in the dead of winter.


  1. This is genius. I wonder if olive oil would be better in all cakes? You might be on to something here. I agree about men thinking cake sounds better than loaf. It looks fabulous.

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