Stocking Stuffers (See Jane Buy)

When I was growing up, there were only a few sure things on Christmas morning:

  • First, that I would get oranges and nuts in my stocking. 
  • Next, that my mom would make us a dutch puff for breakfast.
  • And lastly, that we had to wait and watch each person open one present, one at a time–no running to the tree to tear into any gift with your name on it (and I always went last because I’m the youngest…).

Let’s refer back to the stockings again.  While shelled nuts (I loved cracking them open with the Nutcracker) and fragrant clementines filled the bottom of the stocking, there were always small gifts stacked on top.  Our stocking stuffers were always just that–small, token gifts stuffed into the top of the stocking ( fine…and the occasional rolled-up calendar for the new year).  These days, people deem any small gift stocking stuffer and I just don’t agree.  Would an expensive piece of jewelry be a stocking stuff just because it’s small?  I think not.  Stocking stuffers are meant to be small, inexpensive, and fun.  Case in point (everything under $25):

*clockwise from top left

Ohio necklace – you can take the girl out of Ohio…
Hanky Pankys – now that I’m older, I love getting socks and underwear.
Personalized Mustached Flask – Because guys love personalized stocking stuffers, too.
Rolling Pin – I’m not much of a baker, but would convert for this.
Suedette Oxford Heels – For big stockings only. (ok, this may not fit and they may be 80 cents over, but I had to put them on this list because they are too cute and comfortable to pass up)

Do you do stocking stuffers?


  1. When my sister and I were little our stockings were the same way. Candy, small things, a magazine and a little makeup when we were older. I always looked forward to them though!

  2. stockings were always my favorite part of christmas morning because i could never have enough trinkets. when my sisters and i were in our pre-teens, the best stocking stuffers were little bottles of hard candy nail polish and flavored chapsticks. that necklace is too cute!

  3. GA-GA!!! I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! Stocking stuffers were always new undies, new toothbrushes totally random but fun gifts. Crosswords a deck of cards – the best!!!!

    My family did the same thing, stocking then hot Cinnamon rolls – from a a can but hey! then one by one around the tree!!


  4. Our stockings were very similar to the yours, too. And– we still do the thing where one person opens a gift, one at a time, to this day. It is very time consuming, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We all still buy each other gifts and it's fun seeing what everyone gets, even if it does take all morning!

  5. My stocking was always my favorite part of Christmas morning because it contained so many surprises that I hadn't asked (Santa} for! We usually do sweets, petit fours, socks, trinkets and undies in ours. I love it! Your picks are great, would love to find these in my stocking!


  6. I LOVE buying and receiving stocking stuffers! And I agree that jewelry should go under the tree and stockings are generally inexpensive small items in our house. I usually get candy in my stocking which definitely makes me happy. I love your picks! I'm going to hint to Gabe that he could also throw in some inexpensive jewelry and underwear this year.


  7. Our stocking stuffers were always real simple and fun, too – chocolate mini marshmallow santas, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks…the essentials. oh. and an orange, too.

    I really enjoyed reading this!! The part about each opening a gift? As a kid that had to be brutal, but still great.


  8. I have a soft spot for stockings. We used to have to wait for everyone to be up for us to open presents but stockings were a freeforall. I always got gum, candy, a little stuffed animal, hair ties, chapstick, things like that. Your picks are all adorable – how cute is that rolling pin? But I'm pretty sure that those shoes, while very affordable, are present material not stocking stuffers!

    xoxo, Ashley

  9. hehe– those undies are like lace on crack. What would be even better is if the lace was tummy control. I would probably laugh absurdly loud if I found them in my stocking. But a great idea! πŸ™‚

    & you look gorgeous in your (pseudo) engagement pics.

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