Giveaway + Fun Facts (See Jane Give)

My friends over at CSN have offered another giveaway for my wonderful readers!  With the holidays quickly approaching, you’ll be able to get a good chunk of your shopping done, from sling backpacks for the traveling nomad in your family, to luxe throw pillows for the interior design aficionado.  Up for grabs is $35 to any of of the CSN stores.  I actually won Taylor’s giveaway and plan on spending it soon…I’m thinking a soft and cuddly throw for my couch:

To enter, it’s simple:  become a Google follower of See Jane. and leave me a comment letting me know that you want to enter.  Extra entries include: following via Bloglovin‘, following me on Twitter, and finally, tweeting about the giveaway (please leave another comment for each additional entry).  I’ll choose the winner at random next Friday!

Also, the lovely Amanda at A.Coest1984  tagged me (and ten other stylish ladies) to reveal seven facts about myself.  Here goes:

  1. I haven’t had a car in years.  My parents sold my car from high school when I was in college, right before I moved to Chicago.  Cars are nice to have here, but you definitely don’t need one; therefore, I don’t really like driving.  Passenger seat, please!
  2. I have one double-jointed thumb.  It bends in ways that thumbs shouldn’t and it really creeps people out when I show them my little, hidden talent.
  3. I’m messy.  I try to be neat at home (one of us has to…) but I have a hard time picking up after myself as I go.  I’m one of those people who has to put aside hours to clean and organize; I can’t do it in spurts.
  4. I have a major salt tooth, but despise when food is over-salted (I rarely salt my food, unless I’m cooking or using it for seasoning).  It has to be the perfect amount of saltiness for this gal!
  5. I’ve never broken or even fractured a bone.  I guess that just reveals that I’m not all that athletic.  I played outside as a kid, I swear!
  6. I owned and rode horses for over 10 years (and was even thrown off a handful of times and still no fractures!).  I stopped riding in high school but would definitely like to get back into it someday.
  7. I don’t have a favorite color.  Seriously, it’s always changing.  Or actually, maybe it’s black.  But that’s more like a complete void of color.  See?  I can’t make up my mind. 

I’d like to tag all of you, as I love learning more about my fellow bloggers.  I can’t wait to read your fun facts.  Have a great weekend!


  1. THose facts are great!!!! I love those little tags.

    Oh I could totally use a gift card to CSN – I need more bedding for the new bedroom/design redo-ish thingy!

    So of course I am a follower!

  2. I love learning more about my favorite bloggers! You listed such interesting facts. My aunt rides horses and has for years. She actually used to live in Ocala, FL training race horses. Oh, and I'm double jointed in my arms. It's the weirdest thing. It made cheerleading throughout school really awkward, haha!

    P.S. I am following you via google, of course! xo

  3. I'm a follower through google and twitter, sign me up! I love the CSN stores. Your facts are fun to read about. I meant to ask you about the car thing in my e-mail, good to know. Although I have a car and drive almost everyday, I would also prefer the passenger seat! And I've never broken a bone either. I think it's because we're both super tough. πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend!


  4. Love the facts! Sometimes I tell people black is my favorite color too… it's classic, and sleek. Hopefully they don't think I'm void of emotion haha. Awesome giveaway!

  5. I'm a follower of course! ANd I used to loveeee riding horses! I never owned one but would always go to horse backing riding camp during the summers when I was younger and miss it so much now!

  6. look i have hitch-hiking thumb aswell πŸ˜€
    i thought itΕ› very normal but then one of my friend started to freakout when he saw ho i pressed one button with the thumb πŸ˜€

  7. 1. I dont even have my licesne yet, I hate driving so much! Haha
    3. I'm really messy too. I always forget to clean up after myself, oops. Haha
    5. I've only ever broken my toe. Haha. Twice. πŸ˜€
    But Im a varsity tennis player and really clumsy, so Im surprised I never did break anything!
    6. I want to learn how to ride sooo bad! I am in love with horses, they are gorgeous!
    7. My favorite color changes every day I think. Yesterday it was yellow, today it's red. Haha

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

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