Frosted Window Panes (See Jane Decorate)

my first Charlie Brown Christmas tree

I bought my first holiday decorations ever over Thanksgiving.  I never needed to purchase any before because my roommate had a bounty of festive decor.  Since moving in with Eric, I realized that we hardly had more than a Festivus Pole between the two of us and absolutely no holiday decorations to our name.  That scenario just wouldn’t suffice in my world, so I insisted that my mom go shopping with me to help me pick out my first few items, which I hope will last me for seasons to come.

I hung the extra mini-ornaments (from the tree) from my mantle with twine.

Faux-frosted sticks + red berries

My decorations are few and far between (i.e. it kind of looks like the Who’s house after the Grinch Stole Christmas), but I can’t wait to build upon the few things I’ve collected so far in the upcoming years.

I’ve seen that so many of you have brought home trees–what other decor do you put up for the holidays?


  1. I have a nutcracker, and I fill up a big vase with old ornaments. Nothing too major…oh wreaths, that is my big one – I love wreaths, front door & in the house.

  2. Aww, I love your tree! My house is similar in that we only have a tree, stockings and the Charlie brown christmas tree from Urban outfitters that's literally a stick with one ornament on it. It's so cute! A girlfriend got it for me a few years ago when I was going out of town for Christmas and didn't have a tree. I hope to build on my decorations in future years too, but for right now we don't have room for anything else!


  3. I love putting ornaments in a glass bowl or vase, any miniature sparkly trees, etc. then I have snowman oven mitts that are funny looking and of course, the tree!

    and I like putting out xmas scented candles. 1 or 2 of those and you're good to go!

  4. i love your mini ornaments hanging on the twine!! it looks great. we got a tree but it's got approximately zilch on it because i'm barely hanging onto my religion due to high stress factors.

    i've got a box of silvery shiny things to put out, but suddenly want everything from my childhood like popcorn on a string.

    sigh. back to the womb in times of distress.


  5. Oh your little tree is so adorable! This is the first year I've had a real tree in a long time and I'm pretty proud of it. We actually did an absurd amount of decorating this year…

  6. I really need to add to my christmas decor! I always put up a big real tree, and have bought lots of pretty ornaments over the last couple years for that, but am lacking general christmas decor! I love your little charlie brown tree, so adorable, and love the branches & berries in the vase!

  7. Lovely start! I have a collection (5 or so) snowman candles. My father is catholic and my mother is jewish so we're big on non-religious decorations at my house. My mum has a really extensive snowman candle collection and when I was in college she started me on a collection of my own!

    xoxo, Ashly

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