Another Year… (See Jane Age)

…and none the wiser.  

Yes it’s true, I have a birthday looming this weekend.  I turn 26 on Sunday and the number just sounds daunting.  Gone are the days when I check the 18-25 box on forms.  Below is my 21 year old self just raising a solo cup and toasting to all that’s ahead.  Cheers…
oh, how the years fly.
I’m not much of a birthday diva so I plan on laying low–dinner, spending time with friends and the fiance, and maybe some shopping to ease the growing pains.  What are you up to this weekend? 


  1. Happy Birthday younging!!! I will turn 28-GASP next yr, I am over it already!!! I hope you have plenty of wine to celebrate with!

    Twitter or email me if you want to go to H&M this Saturday…I am battling the crowds no matter what!

  2. Having seen you in person I would just like to say you still look the same as you did at 21 – like you're 19 at best!!

    Have a Happy Birthday this weekend!! You have a great year ahead of you!! I'll raise a lemonade in a toast to 19 again ๐Ÿ™‚


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