Old Friends (See Jane Be There For You)

One common Tuesday, I walked into my place of work and my office buddy (for now at least, I’m a consultant) told me I was dressed like Rachel Greene from Friends, the early years.  I pursed my lips, looked sideways suspiciously, and finally shrugged, ‘hmm.’ Then, I took it as a total compliment. 

I can’t believe people are already nostalgic for the mid-90s already; I know the longing for the early 90s started a few years back, but am I ready for outfits likening Elaine Benes and Blossom?  I guess I’m more than ready as I pined after a pair of boots that looked like they were taken from my 2nd grade closet (or the set of Pippin, you decide).  For now, I am content channeling Rachel Greene.  Here is a version of my outfit the day I decided to be an extra at the Central Perk:

Are you tied to the 90s?


  1. You nailed it! Especially with the trousers. I have to say I'm still stuck back in the 80's and just starting to spill over into the 90's. So much good stuff out there right now!


  2. You should have snapped a photo!! I really want a pair of trousers like that but I am afraid! I am sure you looked hot…just like Rachel alll those yrs!

  3. Haha, I love it! This outfit does remind me of Rachel Greene (in a good way). Sometimes I watch reruns of Friends that don't seem that old and yet the fashion is SO different. And now it's all coming back again. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Rachel. About my pumps, thank you for your sweet comment! I bought them at Nordstrom over the weekend and they also had them in silver, which was also really pretty. It would have been fun to see them in red or yellow, but no dice. Just black and silver.


  4. So, here's a reason why I'm kinda hooked on the '90s… it's the first "decade" to "come back" that I actually have clothes in my closet that are actually FROM the '90s and they fit me. ('50s &'60s – not alive; '70s & '80s – little kid; BUT THE '90s…)
    Sooooo, that makes it an appealing period to me.

    I just outed myself as kinda old, huh?

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