Lots ‘O Lace (See Jane Crazed)

It seems I’ve got lace on the brain.  Below are some of my latest purchases and it seems as if I have a one track mind these days:  Lace or Bust!

1. Forever 21 Lace Cardigan.  It was almost as if I was transported back to my sophomore year of college when everyone had the sequin, crochet boleros from BCBG.  I wanted one badly, but my mom said no.  This cardigan has a similar feel, so I still must be subconsciously pining for that bolero.  It’s been five years, but good things come to those who wait….I guess. 
2. Free People Top.  Can’t get more 90s than a tight, lacy, long-sleeve top.  To lessen the Six from Blossom feel of the top (you know she wore these under vests), I recently tucked it into a pencil skirt and wore it to work.
3. J Crew Lace Mini.  I just bought this skirt and while I won’t be wearing it with a tie (I get it, J Crew–you like menswear), I definitely forsee myself wearing it to death.  I’m already envisioning how I plan to wear it this weekend.  A blazer and tights, perhaps?

Are you in love with lace?


  1. Ohhhh I really love them all. I kind of have lace on the brain too lately. I need to either order the top I love from Modcloth or find a similar item ASAP!


  2. I too am in love with lace. I bought a long sleeved black lace one like your Free People pick. And I am craving these lace booties right now…they sound ugly, but trust me, they're adorable. I'll probably break down and buy them next paycheck.
    But yes, blazer and tights!

  3. that skirt, that skirt, that skirt has called to me every single time i've strolled by. i even held it in my hand and the chef screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" from outside the store in true intervention form.

    it's going to be awesome on you. one word: legs.



  4. I tried on a lace top at H&M earlier today but it confused me. And was itchy. So I'm not quite with you this one…not today anyways, tomorrow's always a new day.

    If you are looking for an affordable lacy something, h&m did have a bunch of different lacy tops.

    xoxo, Ashley

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