Little Pumpkin (See Jane Whoopie)

I’m addicted to BrownEyedBaker.  When she made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies last week, it only took me once glance and knew I would be making them at my parents house over the weekend.  It was a cool and crisp weekend in Ohio and the leaves were starting to turn–I knew this was my chance to make these bites of pumpkin bliss (and because my mom had all the ingredients on hand).  They were surprisingly easy to make and a real crowd-pleaser among my family–especially with my little pumpkin of a nephew, William.

Oh, William, it was really nothing.

My whoopie pies definitely weren’t as attractive as the BrownEyedBaker’s, (I’m a novice baker at best), but they sure were delicious!


  1. OMG yum!
    I first had pumpkin whoppie pies a few years while visiting my brother in college and I was hooked! I ate like 4 in a weekend!!
    These look awwwwesome Anna!!


  2. Oh wow. I've been dying to make some whoopie pies and the fact that these are pumpkin makes them that much better. They look delicious! Your nephew is adorable and looks so happy with his whoopie!


  3. These sounds delicious! I'm about to click thru for the recipe, I hope it's super easy because I haven't baked anything since my last (now defunct) book group meeting.

    William is adorable, he looks so much like my little brother did, about 17 years ago, haha, messy face and all.

  4. My general theory about baked products is that if it is not gooey and falling apart, it is not good. So, congrats, this is good. I can tell.

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