Just Live (See Jane Be)

Even when I was little, I can’t think of what I’d like to be” – John Lennon.

This post is dedicated to my handsome, heroic, father who is just as talented and sprightly as the great and late John Lennon–his musical hero.  I’m convinced that everyone comes into their own at their own pace and at their own point in time.  Don’t let deadlines dictate you and don’t let others dictate what you do.  John Lennon didn’t even know what he wanted to do.  You are your own person.  Make your own rules and set your own path.

Sometimes I need to make motivational speeches to get through the week–it’s been a long one.


  1. Amen lady! This has been a mantra of sorts throughout my life and I totally got it from my dad's example. Can relate so much.

    Thank you for the motivation – I need it badly this week!!


  2. I needed a motivational speech today! It's been one of those days…. so I'm glad I came over here and got a bonus little pep talk! Now if only I had a life coach to go with this motivational speech. I don't suppose that's tomorrows post?

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