Wristy Business (See Jane Surrender)

Bracelets aren’t really my thing.  It’s nothing personal–in fact, I’d like them to be my thing.  Alas, I was born with freakishly small wrists that have always made me a little self-conscious.  I’m completely convinced that no matter how large I may ever get, my wrists will stay the same size as a gangly, seven year old boy’s.

*photo courtesy of marieclaire.com

Fortunately, I’ve done some growing up in the past few years.  Case in point: although I’m painfully aware of my wrist situation, I bought a watch and wear it nearly every day (this was, of course, after I dealt with the fact that the Saks salesperson laughed in my face after hearing that they had to remove eight links for me).  N’importe quoi…now, it’s time for me to move onto bracelets.
I think I’d leave this bracelet on until the first signs of fall.
Leila Nautical Wrap Bracelet
$50 at revolveclothing.com
I love big bangles.  I just wish they didn’t go up to my elbow.

Gap Wood Bracelet with studs
$16.50 at gap.com

By the way, have you ever visited Etsy.com for jewelry?  They have silver bangles and leather wrap bracelets for unreal prices.  I started my bracelet hunt there and think I’ll come away with some very cool finds.  Here are a few I’m eyeing:
Soon, I’ll be wearing bracelets just like the rest of you–including the several hair ties I wear on my wrist!


  1. Hi, I'm a friend of Jenn's (well, and of Benjamin + Joel's, but if we were picking sides, I'd have to go with Jenn) … thought I'd tell you that before you'd think I was just some random creeper commenting on your blog.
    Anyway, I like your style, so it was fun to look over your posts + daydream about what I'd be wearing if I wasn't 7 months pregnant.

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