Roman Holiday (See Jane Do as the Romans Do)

I received an interesting email from a friend this morning. Oh hi, I’m actually in Rome right now. My boyfriend booked us a last minute a trip to Italy. Uh, I am insanely jealous. My ‘last minute plans’ usually involve a trip to Walgreens or 7-11.

What a lucky, lucky girl. It did get me thinking about my days studying abroad (a mere four years ago). I hope to make a trek back to Europe this summer and ultimately would like to live there for a few years. Until then, I will have to reminisce on the fond memories I have of my time there.

1. Gelato. There’s a reason I returned from a semester in Europe 15 lbs heavier. My roommate recently found some of the best gelato I’ve ever had at the local grocery store (I know…qu’elle horreur!). Try the pistachio flavor of Talenti gelato.
2. Vespas. Everyone is cruising around the narrow streets of Italy on a Vespa…and let’s face it, they look good doing it.
3. Pizza. The pizza is so fresh and light in Italy that it would be blasphemy to consider it “junk food,” as we do in the States.
4. Aviators. What else will you wear while atop your Vespa? Buy local and get something like these Gucci ones like bought when I was abroad.

I swear that my fond memories don’t only consist of Italian delicacies. Nevertheless, I hope my friend has a good time. I can just imagine her and the boyfriend now…


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