Bow Knows (See Jane Tie One Up)

Now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I need to be more mindful about experimenting with certain trends. Bows are one of them. Yes, they look adorable on the runway…

DVF Cruise Spring 2010

…but somehow I don’t see that translating very well in my everyday life. Can you imagine the horrified looks I’d receive walking into my office wearing a bow headdress?

In honor of Easter tomorrow and as a homage to all the bows (and ruffle socks with patent leather Mary Janes) I wore to church growing up, here are some adult versions of the bow trend.

I have a feeling I’d wear this dress way more places than the beach.

J Crew Floral Cara beach dress
$78 at

This top makes me want to throw on white jeans and head to a BBQ

Gemma Tie Front Top
$130 at

Pair this top with the black bottoms you already own.

J Crew Solid Tie-front Bandeau in Bright Eucalyptus
$40 at

Are bows still in your fashion arsenal?


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