Shopbop Finds Under $200 (and my hunt for reasonable pricing)

Fashion items under $200 – (AKA reasonable pricing)

  1. Boyish Pleated Shorts ($108) – LOVE a Boy Scout short.  They look awesome with a fitted tank or tee and sandals.  I need to try this brand’s jeans1 (Shop more Boyish here)
  2. Cleobella Dress ($188) – We need more dresses under $200 in this world.  Also, I have a Cleobella dress and it’s 100% gorgeous cotton and so well-made.  Love this mini version! (Shop more mini dresses here)
  3. Moon River dress ($126) – Moon River is a fantastic mid-level price point brand.  Definitely, I love their dresses, tops, everything–and tons under $100!  (Shop more Moon River here)
  4. Bell Top ($143) – Boho, flirty, fun – I need more tops now that I’m wearing pants again. (Shop more Bell here)
  5. AMO tank ($85) – The fitted tank I need in my life.  So, I think it’ll look great once I get a little sun! (Shop more AMO basics here)
  6. Madewell Cardigan (not pictured, $88) – Can always count on Madewell for inexpensive, quality pieces. (Shop more Madewell here)

Extreme Fashion Prices

We had a nice little convo over Instagram stories a few weeks ago about how fashion prices are becoming more and more extreme.  It’s like awesome of my favorite contemporary brands continue to get more expensive, on the flip side, there’s amazon and fast fashion getting cheaper and cheaper.  Much like my politics (sorry, I went there), I find myself being drawn to more down the middle, moderate, reasonable pricing. 

Dress brands I love have seemingly doubled their prices. If you think about it, there are more $20 dresses available then there have ever been! Also, the mid-price range is shrinking it seems. However, I know I’ll continue to find you items that are chic AND cost-effective.  Will I still buy inexpensive items form places like H&M and Amazon?  Of course!  If you ask me if I’ll still want a $1200 dress from Ulla Johnson.  You bet.  But I’m determined to continue to find you great brands at a reasonable price point (also, please check out my company One/Third, where we aim to fix this exact problem in the jacket category–read about why we started it in this post)

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