Target Tuesday + 5 Other Things

Happy Target Tuesday!  Target sure is leaning into the ghosts of millennia’s past with some of these looks.  The nostalgia seeker in me loves them but the 37 year old in me is like, eh maybe we leave that in 1999.  We’re all evolving our style together, here, eh?

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Target Tuesday + 5 Other Things

5 Things Lately

Everybody is up in arms about the “new” Balenciaga sneakers that look like they’ve been through several world wars and have taken a beating   It’s kind of a genius marketing campaign because the sneakers do not look like that and maybe they’re hinting that this style stands the test of time?  Who knows, but it’s a retro 1950s look which is kind of a welcome change after years of chunky sneakers.  What are your thoughts?

In case you missed my Invisalign before and after, here’s the post!

Do you guys like TikTok or is that just me?  I definitely dabble but I do post TikTok-exclusive content (some I also post on reels).  I have gone “viral” a few times which is funny (the lowest key virility possible).  Here’s my page.

I just ordered these $36 sandals from amazon.  They look expensive, like a dupe of a designer but I can’t put my finger on who?  Anyway, the lead time is long on these so hopefully they arrive before June!

One of my most FAQ is about the picture frames on my stairs (I get a lot of people from Pinterest who saw it there).  It’s a Framebridge set just for stairs (aptly called “Up the Stairs”) but I found a West Elm set for about half the price.  Big fan of the Framebridge set, though. (Here’s the original post on my blog)

I’m sorry but this Karen Millen cotton eyelet dress looks like a $1500 dress I’ve had hearted on Net a Porter for months–and its $380!

  • This is one of my favorite weekly series from any blogger, and I look forward to it every week. It’s always a pleasure to observe your everyday, everyday living style! Have a wonderful weekend. fnf mod

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