jeans day

The White Denim Mini Skirt

I had some hesitation about going back into denim miniskirt territory but ultimately took the plunge.  How is it different than the jean shorts I wear all summer, really?  What ultimately held me back was the underlying association I have with denim mini skirts: high school (and I probably wore them in college, too).  I […]

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levi's 501 boyfriend jeans

I Really Love My: Levi’s 501 Boyfriend Jeans

I’m a denim expert.  Ok, it’s a self-appointed title and I’m not certified or anything but I LOVE jeans and wear them a lot.  These Levi’s 501 slim boyfriend jeans are perfection.  They’re what I’d call a slim boyfriend and they go with EVERYTHING.  As you can see, I really like pairing them with my […]

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Black and White Summer Outfit

I love wearing black and white year round and spring is no exception.  It’s easy to wear all white and it looks super chic, too.  But throw in a little black, and it gives the look an unexpected edge–like maybe you aren’t as sweet as you look.  I feel the same way about home decor; […]

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Fancy T-Shirt and Jeans

I was never really a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal.  I love jeans (obviously, I wear these Levi’s several times a week) but I largely stopped wearing basic t-shirts back in high school.  In my older age, I’ve come to appreciate their ease and simplicity, rarely will I grab a t-shirt and jeans in […]

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