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DIY Raw Hem Jeans (You Can Do It!)

Whenever I wear my Levi’s, someone comments about the hem asking whether or not I did it myself or if the jeans came that way.  It was me! I’ve cut the hem of a few pairs of because I like the raw hem look.  It gives them a little edge and makes them a bit […]

My Layering Philosophy

I always receive questions about layering and I had to really noodle on what my hard and fast rules are.  I’ve lived in a four-season climate my whole life and I’m no stranger to layers, but to articulate it, rather than just show it, proved a little difficult.  So I looked back at past photos, […]

Shop Your Closet: The Camel Coat

Welcome back to Shop Your Closet!  I received a lot of suggestions to style a camel coat.   Sure, it’s an outerwear a piece and you may just think of it as a coat that’s completely separate from your outfit.  However, I think of my coats as part of the entire outfit.  A camel coat is […]

Shop Your Closet: A Moto Leather Jacket

Welcome back to the ‘Shop Your Closet’ series!  This week I am showing you how I style a graphite/grey moto leather jacket three ways.  A little background on this piece: it’s an IRO jacket I snagged from a fall friends & family sale (so it was probably 30% off retail) in the fall of 2016 […]

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