Everlane’s New Drape Trench

This post is all about the new Everlane Drape Trench but first I need to give you a little history of my relationship with Everlane’s original trench coat.  You might remember how much I’ve worn my Everlane trench coat:

I bought the original trench back in late 2017 and boy, was it the right thing to purchase. So at $148, it’s a huge value.  I own a Burberry trench coat from 2008 that cost 5x as much as the Everlane trench.  The Everlane trench is not as structured as the Burberry trench. But it’s still very solid (it’s most likely due to the luxurious lining on the Burberry trench).  And now, Everlane has released the fashionable Drape Trench this month–and I have to say, she’s a beauty, too.

New Everlane Drape Trench

The Drape Trench is more of a fashion piece, in my opinion.  It’s the equivalent of a light jacket–perfect on a spring day.  But it’s also sort of like a duster, in that you can easily wear it inside and it could be part of your outfit.  So wear it as a coat (on a warmer day), or wear it inside your office and let it be part of your whole look…both ways work!  And I semi-apologize as you’ll most likely be seeing this trench a LOT on the blog, just as you’ve seen me wear the original trench to death.  It’s just such a great piece and it deserves to be seen! 

As for sizing, I’m wearing a small, which is my normal Everlane top size.  It definitely fits on the generous size, but I like it that way!

*Thanks to Everlane for being a long term partner!

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