A Guide to Work From Home Outfits

Everlane jumpsuit + my new work space

Alright, so I polled everyone on their work from home outfits; I wanted to know whether or not you’re working remotely in pajamas all day during quarantine.  I have been working from home (or a version of it) for two years now and I have a hard time staying in my pajamas all day.  I need to get up, do my skincare routine, brush my teeth, sometimes workout, sometimes shower, and ALWAYS change my clothes.  If I don’t change my clothes in the morning, I might as well take my productivity and throw it out the window because I won’t be getting anything done.   It’s kind of like working from bed vs. working from a designated home office; sure, you can work from bed, but will you get stuff done?   

Look, I don’t have a “work from home wardrobe” dress code.  I’m not saying you need to throw on your Sunday best to be productive and working from home outfit consisting of sweats and leggings is totally acceptable (I do it, sometimes!).  But most days, I try and put on  “normal” clothes because it helps my mental state.  Honestly, wearing pants, real pants, can help you feel good and productive.  And sometimes a normal outfit is an oversized sweatshirt and leggings, so don’t feel like you have to wear blazers every day.  Although, a blazer really helps if you want to show off during a video conference…just saying.

I try and throw on jeans a couple times a week.  Once the weather is more consistently warm, I will be wearing a lot more dresses (they’re comfortable!) and even shorts and tees.  We don’t wear shoes in the house, as a general rule, so the shoes I show are generally just for inspiration or for when I leave the house.  I’m a slippers in the house kind of gal.

Here are a few more Everlane pieces that would fit seamlessly into your work from home wardrobe:

Work From Home Outfits

Elevated Jeans + Top

Linen is COMFORTABLE, breathable, and actually the perfect material to wear when working from home.  I can’t wait to wear this top out during the summer, but until then, I will be wearing her in quarantine.

Comfy Blazer

Alright, so you have a conference call coming up and you want to look legitimate, because Zoom calls are notoriously unflattering.  What do you do–you throw your hair into a slicked back, power bun and put a blazer on top of a t-shirt, tank, whatever you have.  Insta-polish and people on the Zoom call will probably say, “um, did you just have a video interview?”  Keep ’em guessing–maybe you’ll get a raise.

Jumpsuit = Just Like Pajamas

This cotton jumpsuit is basically pajamas.   I wore this to work from home, and had a few video calls, and everyone was like, “you look so cute!”  Then I went outside with the kids, and the sentiment continued (from a safe distance, of course),  But a jumpsuit is just glorified pajamas but it really looks like I tried.  Also, sneakers look super cute with it.

Lightweight Sweater + Chinos

These new Everlane straight-leg chinos are kind of amazing.  Lightweight, slightly cropped–you could wear them with a bathing suit top on vacation….or with a cashmere sweater while you’re absolutely not traveling and working from home, like I did!  Either way, comfort is key and these are comfortable.

Five Other Work From Home Essentials

Clothes aren’t the only thing that help your productivity.  An organized, designated work space (that isn’t your bed) will do wonders.  I’ve only had a desk the past few weeks–before, I used to hole up in coffee shops or work in my dining room.  It worked for me!  And no matter where are, I have a few things that’ll help keep your mind sharp and the inbox low.

  • Lots of people rave about a Pomodoro timer, which essentially is a visual timer that keeps you working for a set amount of time.  It’s incredibly helpful (although I do it with Siri on my iPhone–especially with cleaning tasks).  I kind of want to buy this one for my desk, though.
  • A hot beverage.  Hot beverages help me think–don’t ask me why.  Whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, having a hot beverage in the morning keeps me going.  On the flip side, a large water bottle also helps me (and I don’t have to fill it as much).
  • Some greenery.  Working surrounded by plants is actually pretty energizing.  They can purify the air, too–bonus!  I have a rubber plant (it’s real, it’s just called a rubber plant) on my desk.
  • Planner or notepad.  Planners aren’t everyone’s thing and some people are addicted.  I always misplace my planner, but I like having one.  Notepads are essential, though, for jotting down quick notes no matter who calls or emails.
  • Something cozy--sometimes my office is cold and I need a blanket or wrap; it’s good to have one handy!

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