LARQ: The Last Water Reusable Bottle You’ll Ever Buy

Raise your hand if you buy reusable water bottles to lessen your usage of plastic.  *Me, too* Ok, also raise your hand if you notice that sometimes those water bottles get a stench to them that you can’t rid of no matter how much you clean ‘em. *Ok, same*  I’m about to rock your world, […]

Podcasts That I Love

I’ve dabbled in listening to podcasts before but now that I’m in the suburbs, I listen to them nonstop as I do a lot more commuting via car and train.  It gives me a chance to relax, zone out and sometimes, think.  When I listen to a good podcast, I feel productive–maybe because I learned […]

Interior Define Couches Review Pt 2

As I’ve delved into interiors and started sharing more here on the blog and our living room has been my real pride and joy.  I picked out these couches right after we moved in; we had freshly painted walls, the old fireplace (see the before & after here), and all I knew was that I […]

Home Chef at Mariano’s

I’ve tried a handful of meal kits and I enjoy the new recipes and portioned ingredients, however, my schedule is all over the place and sometimes I don’t know how many times I’ll eat at home in a week.  Well, there’s great news for that–Home Chef is now available at Mariano’s stores!  Do you know […]