Thank You

Just a quick note on here to thank you for your thousands of messages, texts, DMs, phone calls, everything.   I basically hid from my everything all weekend (including my phone) but couldn’t even believe the outpouring of love when I started to look at it the past hour.  Just a couple weeks back, I shared […]

everlane uniform men's

Yes, I Shop For My Spouse: Everlane’s Uniform Collection

Do you shop for your significant other?  Eric used to be really into buying his own clothing–he really enjoyed shopping.  I think he still does, to an extent, but life has gotten quite busy for us.  Between work, work travel, two kids (and one on the way), activities, social events, ya know, LIFE, he’s not […]

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Baby #3 is Coming!

We’re having a baby!  It feels good to announce this finally; the first trimester seems to take forever and then the rest of the pregnancy usually flies.  It’s true–this baby is due in February and it will be our last child.  Some of you may know that I had a miscarriage about a year ago […]

back to school supplies

Back to School Supplies for Kindergarten

Holy moly, it’s August.  I know everyone says that summer flies but this year was an extreme case.  In Chicago, we had a rough spring and June was basically a deluge so summer didn’t feel like it started until the 4th of July.  Here we are in August and my little Harry will be starting […]

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