Random, Inexpensive Cleaning + Organization Finds

I have a disclaimer for this post:  I despise cleaning. I’m also not a naturally organized person.  So when a product gets me excited about cleaning OR organizing, I consider that a huge win.  You can assure that these are tested, tried, and true by a person who hates cleaning! And because I receive a lot of questions about it, here’s a link to my curated Amazon shop (it’s actually pretty minimal but there are great finds on there).  Would love for you to share any inexpensive cleaning and organization finds, too!

Amazon Cleaning and Organization Finds

Sliding drawers (for under bathroom cabinet) $22 – Changed my bathroom cabinet storage game.

Affresh washing machine cleaner, $12 – Because front-load washing machines actually get pretty gross.

Woven baskets, $12 – Wire baskets are all the rage but I use these to hide + store my kids cold weather gear (gloves, hats) in the mudroom (mudroom makeover here).

Magnolia hand soap, $12 – Smells heavenly (also for those who don’t want to splurge on $40 hand soap)

Wicker basket, $30 – This is where we keep all our Peloton gear (out of sight)

Oh My Clean Magic Eraser 20 pack, $11 – These are “non-toxic” but I believe the regular Magic Eraser sponges are, too!  However, these are much cheaper and work wonderfully (I have white walls in my house so these get used A LOT!!)

Glamorous Diva Wash, $26

Here’s how I use this:

Use an unscented detergent of your choice and add about 2 tablespoons of this wash.  It lasts forever and is glorious on sheets, towels, robes (love my kids, but don’t use it on their clothes–it’s not worth it). It’s a nice little luxury and the scent lasts long!

Bissell Steam Mop, $80 – Does this need an introduction?  All hail the steam mop (original review here!)

Caldrea countertop spray, $12 – My favorite scent is Rosewater Driftwood but honestly, this is one of my life’s little pleasures (I also like the Tangelo scent).  Yes, when I need to deep clean, I use bleach or Fantastik but for day to day wiping up the counters, I love using this stuff (been buying for over five years!)

Folex, $12 – When this got a 4-month old red sucker stain out of my white rug, I was a believer.

Puracy dish soap, $18 3-pack – I started buying this years ago after I needed an undetectable scented, clean dish soap to wash Teddy’s bottles and my breast pump parts after I went back to work.  It’s a great value and works wonderfully.

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