Our Master Bedroom: A WIP

It’s taken me awhile to get my act together in decorating the master bedroom.  I think my rationale is that no one sees it but Eric and me so it’s down low on the house priority list.  But I also love having a sanctuary to every evening so I’m trying to move it along.  Most of the furniture in our master bedroom came with me from our condo in Wicker Park.  I’m just not in a huge rush to replace anything; for example, how often does one buy a bed frame?  I have no idea, so this navy one stays until I find one that really wows me.

I’ve bought this Loloi rug (the third in my house…I’m obsessed with this brand), and new bedding from Boll & Branch (I also worked with them but was a customer first!).  Both have been great contributions so far and I have a little more to do.

What’s next:

Drapes + Curtain Rods

As you can see, we have bamboo roman shades that came with the house.  They’re fine for now, so I’m keeping them but I do need to frame the windows with proper drapery.  After our remodel, our bed wasn’t supposed to go against this window, but here we are and our bed has to be here.


The nightstands are killing me.  I want them gone but I haven’t found any that, again, wow me.  When you search for something for so long, everything starts to look the same and I think that’s what’s happening.  I 100% regret purchasing these nightstands that I currently have.  I need drawers–not open shelving.  Also, they’re a little too gold for me.  I’m liking these but am open to suggestions.

Picture frames

Time to finally put something on the wall…most likely our wedding photos as I haven’t hung those yet.  It takes me forever to hang things–it’s my fatal flaw.


Love a good basket in the corner; it’s my main method of organization.

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