My Self-Tanner Routine

self-tanner routine

Even though summer is different this year with minimal gatherings, parties, date nights, trips, I still want that bronzed glow.  I wear lots of sunscreen but still enjoy a slight tan when I’m able to get outside (but I’m no longer a sun worshipper like I was in my teens).  But because I’m not lounging at the pool like I did in my youth, my glow needs a little jumpstart so I rely on self-tanners.  And let me tell you, my self-tanner routine has come leaps and bounds since the mimd-2000s.  There’s a lot less orange, a lot less smell, a lot less streaking, and it smells a whole lot better.

My Self-Tanner Routine

Tax-Luxe The Face drops (also available at Sephora)

These tanning drops  (for the face only) are a little pricey but they’re worth it.  A bottle lasts a YEAR for me (and in the dead of winter, I don’t really use self-tanner unless I’m going on a trip to the beach).  You only need a few drops in your moisturizer once or twice a week–don’t forget to wash your hands after!  I tan pretty easily and have slight olive undertones and use the light/medium.  I have heard good things about the Isle of Paradise drops but these have worked so well for me that I have yet to try.  (Have you tried both? Which is better??). I also have Tan-Luxe The Gradual in my cart–buying it for my limbs! 

B.Tan Mousse (also available at Walmart for $10)

Bought this off Amazon before Memorial Day because the brand had pretty good reviews and I am impressed!  I like the fact that the color shows up right away so you don’t miss any spots.  It’s a natural bronze, not streaky, doesn’t smell bad, and I’d purchase again.  I applied mine with a mitt (see below), which I’d highly recommend.

Tanning Mitt

This $7 tanning mitt is worth the purchase.  Keeps your hands clean and evenly distributes the tanning mousse–that’s worth the $7 alone!  I chose this one because it was highly rated on amazon and cheap (2600 ratings, 5 stars!).

Hope you enjoyed my self-tanner routine–don’t forget to exfoliate beforehand!  (I just bought this Luv Scrub exfoliator, which is a black-owned Brooklyn-based business).

before and after self-tanner routine


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