Meet Emily (See Jane’s Sister)

Meet my sister Emily.  I’ve mentioned her in my blog several times and now here she is, getting her own feature post.  While I was home for Thanksgiving, I asked her if I could pick out an outfit for her and take pictures.  As soon as I saw this sparkly cardigan hanging in her closet, I knew two things: first, that she had to wear it for these pictures, and two, that I had to get one for myself.  Let’s just say that both things were accomplished that day (the sparkly cardigan is originally from Urban Outfitters, but it was on sale at the local TJ Maxx for $19).

Banana Republic jacket, Level 99 jeans, Gap top, TJ Maxx scarf, UO sequin cardigan (via TJ Maxx) + booties,

She wore this outfit the entire day (and night) before Thanksgiving; the sequin cardigan worked for both day and night and I’m thankful that I got my hands on one, too.

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