How to Style a Midi Skirt

Well, we are coming up on the end of the year–nay, the end of the decade!  Can you even believe it?  So, let’s round out this decade with a tribute to the midi skirt.  The midi skirt reminds me of blogging in general–it’s really come up in the world and has long been a hit with the internet personas, such as myself.  I thought it would be fitting to round out the year and decade with a #shopyourclosetseries featuring a midi skirt.  I wear them a lot; you all seem to like them, as well.

I took three midis that I’m particularly fond of right now and styled them two ways.  I wear them with blouses, boots, big coats, little sweaters and everything in between.  And I want to tell you about my favorite midi skirt tricks:

  1. If you have a slim fitting, thin sweater, you can tuck it in to your midi skirts!  I love tucking all shirts in, but that’s my trick to fully tucking my sweaters in. (See pink skirt with black sweater below)
  2. If my sweater is too chunky or thick, I do a front-fold or a half tuck.  See the fair isle sweater with the metallic midi?  That’s a fold-under trick where I fold the sweater under at the skirt and slightly tuck the tip of the sweater into the front of the skirt (#justthetip).  The sweater is too thick to tuck in so I just fold it under in the front.
  3. Midi skirts go with literally any shoe–knee high boots, sock booties, ballet flats, heels–take your pick!

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