Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts Under $35 (…and of course, some things that can’t be bought at the store)

  1. Laneige lip mask – This is a perfect small gift for the winter.  Also, radiator heat is so drying to my lips and I use this every night (or they wake up cracked and dry as the Sahara).
  2. Photo art – What do you do with all those pics you snap with your phone?  Develop them like those disposable cameras from high school?  Nope, they sit on the cloud, with the intent of some day printing them (I have pictures from 2014 I still want to print, so I’m just as guilty).  This is the 2018 version of a handmade gift – make those photos into something sentimental that can be displayed in a bedroom, on a bookshelf, or in the office.  The recipient will love it…I promise.
  3. J Crew Factory PJ set – No matter what your budget, everyone deserves a great pair of PJs that feel cozy and luxe.  These go slightly above the $35 limit BUT J Crew Factory runs so many sales that they’ll be below $30 in no time.  I love J Crew pajamas and this is such a great price point that I had to include them (the only caveat is that the pants run short, but I still wear ’em).
  4. Everlane pom beanie – Most people love a good hat.  Down south, you pull out the hats when it’s under 60 degrees and in the north, we wear our beanies until April – everybody wins!
  5. Herschel fanny pack – A MUST-HAVE for concerts or stadium games these days; seriously, you can’t bring any normal sized bag in with you so might as well get something that’s also cool.  Also, it’s perfect for travel.  (I wore my leopard one to the Beyonce/Jay Z concert and so many people asked about it!)
  6. Barre socks – I don’t know what it is about these socks, but my washing machine eats them like candy.  I can never find the match and I rifle through pairs.  This is the cheapest I’ve seen them so they’re perfect for the stocking or your barre-loving bestie. Pro-tip: these are also awesome hospital socks (if you don’t want to put shoes on to walk the hall, because who does?), so if you have a friend spends time there or just had a baby, these are great for the hospital bag.
  7. Campo essential oil (relax) – Because we all need to relax after the holidays; I will probably snag this for Eric to use in his bedtime diffuser.  I found this smaller size for $25 (it’s $45 for a slightly larger size everywhere else).
  8. Dry brush – I LOVE dry brushing when I can remember to do it.  It hurts so good (it doesn’t really hurt), improves circulation and makes your skin softer–much needed in the winter.  If you have a loved one who is getting into wellness, this is the perfect gateway gift.  (I prefer the long handle so you can get those hard to reach places)

Not all gifts have to be fancy.  In fact some of the gifts are little things that we never knew we needed.  I’ve rounded up some great gifts under $35 – they won’t break the bank and the recipient is sure to love them . Again, these are tried and true items that I own or have received myself.   Be sure to also check out my other gift guides here:

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If you’re looking for more personal ways to give without spending a lot of money, consider volunteering at the recipient’s favorite local charity (and have them come with you!).  Maybe they enjoy working with the homeless around the holidays – go with them! Time together is time well spent. Or perhaps they have a loved one passed away from cancer…give a donation in their loved one’s honor and give that to them in a card with a thoughtful note.  Those types of gestures so such a long way.

Happy Holidays!

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