Five Everlane Staples

Look!  A rare Sunday post!  I was actually trying to get organized for the week when I did this post on the fly.  I have a LOT of sale coverage happening this week (the big fall Shopbop sale is happening as well as Amazon Prime Day). 

So, these Everlane pieces aren’t on sale but I was browsing their site when I noticed that a lot of their best sellers are items that I’ve have for one year or longer.  That’s precisely what I love about Everlane–they’re well-made and you can wear them for years.  So, here are five staples that will go with just about anything in your closet and I can vouch for them because I own each item.  Enjoy!

  1. Alpaca Sweater ($95) – This sweater is incredibly soft (Alpaca is more textured than cashmere), only slightly oversized (and it’s perfect) and comes in a million colors.  I wore it so much last year and can’t wait to wear it again once the baby is out. WORN HERE
  2. Pima Turtleneck ($35) – I bought this turtleneck in 2017 (seriously) when it was $30.  So, the price has gone up by $5 but it’s worth it.  Sometimes you want something trim and it’s a great layering piece.  I have washed it hundreds of times and it’s still good as new. WORN HERE
  3. Italian ReWool Coat ($298) – Let me put this into perspective for you.  This coat is just under $300, and for that price, you can get the thinnest, flimsiest Theory or Vince coat.  But not this one–this is a COAT–heavy, sturdy, warm, and you’ll have it for years.  If this coat was Vince, it would $995, easily.  I have also had my fair share of J Crew coats (and some are awesome! some are not)–again, this is much better quality.  The camel is delicious, too.  (This coat was one of my best sellers last year–check out the reviews–I wear a 2.) WORN HERE
  4. Wide Leg Crop ($72) – I’ve had these since 2017, too, and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.  They do not fit at the moment but I am excited to eventually wear them again.    I think I need black next. SEE NINE DIFFERENT WAYS TO WEAR
  5. Boss Boots in Snakeskin ($236) – I bought these last year and wore them SO MUCH MORE than I ever thought I would.  They are Acne-like in shape and the snakeskin just adds a little pop and texture that you didn’t realize you needed.  They quite literally go with everything. WORN HERE

**Thanks to Everlane for being a long term partner!

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