How I Use CBD Products – An Equilibria Review

I started my CBD journey this past March when a local company Equilibria Women sent me some of their CBD products.  Eric was pumped–he had been wanting to try them.  I, on the other hand, was skeptical.  While I know CBD isn’t necessarily marijauna, there is a connection and I’ve never been fond of it myself.  So I got researching before taking the plunge and Eric got to trying it.   I wanted to share what I’ve learned and give a full Equilibria review.

For Eric, it was a no-brainer to try CBD; ever since he entered the work force (he works in finance and in his early days, he would work around the clock) he has used Ambien throughout the years to shut his mind off and sleep.  It’s not a great habit to form and frankly, most doctors view it as a temporary fix.  He had been trying to wean himself off of it and CBD helped him do it.  He hasn’t taken Ambien since April and has no intention of ever using it again because CBD has helped him (and he doesn’t even need to use CBD every single day to shut his mind off, which is a good sign to me). He prefers taking the capsules.

I’ve never had major sleeping issues.  Sure, pregnancy insomnia happened when I was pregnant and children keep you up from time to time, but I have normally been a fall asleep/stay asleep kind of gal. However, sometimes I can’t wind down at the end of the night.  I’ve been blogging for 10 years and I can’t pull myself from writing posts at night–it’s when the words spill out of me and it’s become a habit.  That can counteract with what I would rather be doing, which is relaxing and getting ready for a restful night’s sleep.  I have found that some CBD really helps me relax and shuts off my racing mind.  (It keeps me from late night googling–ha!)  I prefer the liquid–I take half a dropper at night.

FAQ and an Equilibria Review

Does CBD get you high?

Nope – the THC in marijauna is what makes you high and CBD has minimal traces of it that makes it legal in every state and doesn’t give that “stoned” feeling.

How does it make you feel?

I think everyone reacts different but the consensus i’ve heard from friends I’ve recommended it to (and my own experiences) is that it makes you feel super relaxed.  I’ve used the word “melt” to describe the feeling.  However, the more often you take it, I’ve found that I can also take it during the day because it makes me relaxed, not sleepy.

Would it show up on a drug test?

It shouldn’t–unless maybe you chugged a whole bottle in one sitting, which I’m sure you won’t.  It DOES have trace amounts of THC in it but for CBD to be effective, it needs to have those minimal amounts in it.  But it won’t show up on a drug test.

How much do I take?

Equilibria has dosing specialists! It’s one of the perks of using the brand.

What makes Equilibria better than others?

They own their own supply chain; CBD is a a hot topic right now but with that comes a lot of terrible products.  When you own the supple chain (and farm, like they do), you have more control of the product.  My mom has dabbled in CBD products for years because she has fibromyalgia (chronic pain) and she said Equilibria is the best she’s ever tried.

Can you take it while pregnant?

No one wants to be the guinea pig when it comes to running clinical trials on guinea pigs so, much like alcohol, or anything else they tell you to avoid while pregnant, no one knows.  I personally did not take it while pregnant (I also don’t drink alcohol).  Talk to your doctor about it!

Products to try: CBD drops (I have a subscription to these), time-release soft gels (Eric has a subscription to these), relief cream (great for cramps!)

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how I use CBD products
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  • On the drug test thing, you need to be very confident that the product you’re using doesn’t actually have more thc than it purports to. I have. I idea about the specific brand you use, but since cbd is largely unregulated at the moment it can be difficult to confirm that what you’re taking is what the company claims to be in the bottle. These products often show all kinds of things when they get tested, from way more thc than you’d expect (and than would be legal) to other contaminants. So do be sure you’re confident the product has been tested and really doesn’t have more thc than it should. There’s all sorts of news stories out there about people being fired from their jobs after positive drug tests when they thought they were only taking cbd.

      • Great point! If your company does random drug tests, it could be helpful to avoid it all together (OR buy a drug test from the store and try it out)

    • Exactly. Even Equilibria as a company in their FAQ state they cannot deny that you *may* test positive so I think it’s a bit overstepping to state you’d only test positive if you guzzled an entire bottle (lol). I work for a government agency so I cannot risk it even though I SO wish I could see if it would help my chronic pain. It’s not worth potentially losing my job, re-hireability, and my retirement. I don’t even think drug testing my own self once would make me feel better about it considering many increase their CBD dosage over time. I’m hopefully excited for a day when CBD is accepting not just by law enforcement but also employers at large.

    • What can I answer for you?

      A little more background: He was on it for YEARS (due to his stressful job in his 20s–was an i-banker) and became super dependent on it.

      When I received the CBD he said he had heard good things about it re: sleep and started taking it every night. He found it relaxed him and kept his mind from racing–which is what kept him up. He now hasn’t taken ambien in almost two years!

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