My Take: The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

dyson hair dryer review

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

Like any beauty or skincare item, I can only give my own experience and we’re all so different that it will vary from person to person.  I always thought the Dyson hair dryer was cool as it’s so powerful.  When I received it as a gift for Mother’s Day I was like, alright let’s put this baby to the test!  First, let me give you a little background on my hair first.  I have fine hair, but lots of it.  It’s naturally super straight–I’m talking zero wave.  And lastly, my hair gets greasy pretty easily, especially at the roots.  My ends can get dry due to coloring (but I only highlight it four times a year) 

I have never been an “expensive” hair dryer kind of gal.  I always used whatever was available just fine because my hair is pretty fine and tends to dry quickly.  Old school hair dryers would burn my hair a bit, though, and I definitely didn’t like that.  On the flip side, I never liked the heavy, salon tourmaline hair dryers–I always felt like they made my hair extra tangly if I was doing it myself.  

So, what do I think of it?  Let’s do this.

dyson hair dryer review supersonic


  • Lightweight – it’s heavy duty but actually quite light (under 2 lbs).  Was totally expecting it to be heavy and it’s not!
  • Surprisingly quiet – I was shocked!  But I also use it on the lowest setting so take that into consideration.
  • Doesn’t burn your hair--it’s more like a super powerful fan.  Again, I use it on the lowest power AND heat setting.
  • Quick dry – Seriously dries your hair in record time (takes my 10 minutes to dry my hair fully)
  • Shinier hair – I can’t speak to the frizz factor as my hair doesn’t get frizzy, but it does give it a nice shine because the high heat can dull the hair.
  • Accessories – it comes with a few magnetic attachment nozzles, which are genius (I normally don’t use one but have used the styling concentrator a few times.  I’m interested in trying out the gentle attachment, too!)
  • 2 year warranty – Be sure to register your product!
  • Style lasts longer – A pleasant side effect I found when using the Dyson Hair Dryer is that I don’t have to wash my hair as often!  I am NOT one of those women who can go a week without washing my hair–it gets too greasy.  I had gotten on a good schedule of an every other day hair wash (and the second day was usually up in a bun) but for some reason, when I dry with the Dyson (and curl a little with a curling iron), my hair can last DAYS and still look good.  This is not normal hair behavior for me..and I love it.  AND I WILL TAKE IT.


  • Price – at $399 it’s actually sort of nauseating how expensive it is.  But if you’re someone who spends money on blowouts or is looking for a powerful hair dryer that won’t fry your hair AND will last, it’s worth a pretty penny!
  • Adjustment period – this hair dryer is so powerful that it’s overwhelming at first.  It took me a bit to get used to it so it didn’t blow my hair everywhere into a tangled mess.  You find your groove, though.   My personal setting is lowest speed, lowest heat.  (And it still dries in record time!). I also don’t need to flip my hair upside down to dry for extra volume anymore (that makes it blow around too much).
  • Power cord – a weird con, but it’s SO clunky and heavy that it’s enough to annoy me, ha.

I asked on IG stories what YOUR questions were, so here are the most common questions!

Q: Does it ever go on sale?

A. Rarely, it seems.  I have seen it go on sale for Amazon Prime Day (coming in the fall) and maybe it’ll be a part of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale?  You can also buy a refurbished one on Dyson’s online outlet or on eBay. At Sephora they seem to offer a more lucrative bundle, too.

Q. I heard it dries out your hair and makes it frizzy – is that true?

A. I have never had frizzy hair, however, I can say it does NOT make my hair frizzy–quite the opposite.  Also, as I mentioned, I have pretty greasy hair so it doesn’t dry it out.  It helps keep my style longer without washing, if anything!

Q. Does it burn your scalp?

A. My old hair dryers (random Revlon) did burn my scalp.  You know that hair burning smell?  That doesn’t happen with the Dyson.  Hotel hair dryers ALWAYS burned me.  This hair dryer does not burn you.  I keep the heat on the lowest setting, but I’d say the drying technology comes more from the motor than anything–not direct heat.  My old hair dryers, I would use low or medium heat (high heat would literally set you aflame) but the most powerful setting to get it dry and it would legit fry my hair, but dry it the fastest.

Q. Is it TRULY worth it?

A. I’m not sure I can answer that question for you–it depends on YOUR hair and how you use it!  The reviews overall are super positive; of course, there will always be dissent and those whom it didn’t quite work.  But overall, it is pretty awesome in terms of drying power and speed.  I also love the shiny factory (I would say smooth, but my hair is already very smooth due to it being stick straight). 

What I’ve most been impressed with is the fact that my hair style seems to last longer, which means less washing, which really does save your hair scalp from damage.  At first, when I was trying to figure out what setting and heat to use, I was kind of like, “is this it?”  But it’s not a typical hair dryer and there’s definitely a learning curve.  It’s like a good mattress–you need to sleep on it for a couple weeks to realize that it might be what you needed all along.  

I received the Dyson as a gift during the pandemic, when I’m not really going out much, and thus not styling my hair as often.  But I love that when I use it, it dries my hair so quickly.  I figured out how to dry my hair without it blowing everywhere (and therefore, making it tangly).  I only sometimes use the attachments.  So, it’s tough to say whether or not it would be worth it for YOU.  But as someone who has never bought a super nice hair dryer, I’m pretty impressed. 

I think it’d be great for someone who wants their hair style to last awhile without washing. 

Or for someone who is sick of getting their hair burned by their current dryer.  Or maybe for someone who has really thick hair and is tired of blow drying their hair for 45 minutes.  It depends on what that time is worth to you!  I personally hope this baby lasts me a decade (and I kind of think it will).  

  • I got mine a few years on QVC when they had their 5 easy pay where they stretch out your payment to 5 month. Otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased it. I don’t even blow dry my hair! But I use it on my girls sometimes and have guests have a go with it, which they love.

  • My husband got me one for Christmas which was weird since I have a short pixie cut. My 3 minute blow dry went to about 90 seconds. Other than that, not impressed for the price. After 4 months between cuts (#covid) I am letting it grow and am more impressed since it has been years since I had to really style my hair. I’m liking the results so far but jury is still out on the cost/ benefit

  • I experimented with the dryer on all heat and blow settings, and decided it just wasn’t working on my grey, wavy hair. After using it my hair was a matted, frizzy mess. The return process was easy. I wasn’t happy about having to wait for an up to 30 day refund.

  • I was posting on Facebook about the bad experience I had with my Dyson hair dryer I wrote that I first purchased it from QVC and in one year and two months it broke QVC did nothing to help me they gave me the #to the Dyson computer I called and the rep. Told me she couldn’t do anything for me because it was over a year old really… 400.00 later I was passed. So I decided to call back a month later and I got a rep that did help me she said send me the broken one and I’ll send you a new one andctha was very nice. However the new one broke to in a year and a few months and I’m the only person using it 2x a week I took very good care of it I call the company and no help I would never recommend this dryer for 400.00 that don’t last for even two years I had 20.00 dryers I couldn’t burn outfox years. Anyway I posted this on one of the Dyson post and a rep. From the company asked me for my phone number and email address to speak to me and try to help me that was two weels ago I never heard from them. That was just so they woul make people think that they care or they woul help but never heard from anyone still so save your money it’s not worth the money believe me they don’t stand up for their product. I was even open to them trying to just fix it they said no.

  • The dyson supersonic makes my hair a frizzy mess every time I use it, no matter which attachme t or products I use. sectioning hair and using round brush makes no difference. I have fine slightly wavy hair. I stopped using it.

  • I purchased one of these for my wife about two years ago. It stopped working recently and any attempts to get it repaired have failed. If it was priced appropriately, I would just throw it away and buy another. If it’s more than just a dirty filter (as my wife’s was), it’s garbage. This hair dryer was way too expensive to only work for a couple of years and not be able to get it repaired. I would not recommend that anyone buy this hair dryer. It’s just not worth the insulting price and it won’t last.

    • Dyson has a two year warranty–did you go through them? I’ve had mine now since 2020 and have never had an issue. Unfortunately, there are always scenarios of a lemon but i have found Dyson customer service to be pretty great, especially with a warranty issue.

  • My first Dyson hair dryer died in a year, I am a hair dresser and use it everyday. The light is on but the dryer is not working. Got my second one and now it’s doing it again. I bought SRI hair dryer which is a little cheaper that has infra red light which I love but the handle is long, I am not that tall which I’m hoping they correct the problems of this 400 dollars hair dryer .

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