Closet Staples That Are On Sale

Oh, how I wish I was showing you some beautiful dresses for spring or perhaps what I wore in Puerto Rico (that trip obviously didn’t happen).  Instead, I have the next best thing; I scoured the Nordstrom website for items on sale that I personally own–some closet staples, if you will, that are on sale–in case you want to take advantage of the sale. 

I will still be showcasing sales and retailers from time to time on the site. Also, I will still be featuring style, as that’s the bread and butter of my whole internet existence.  I have THOUGHTS (yes, capitalized thoughts) on how the economy shakes out from the COVID-19 crisis and I will be really sad if some of my favorite companies don’t make it.  And hey, I love Amazon Prime and a steam mop from Walmart as much as the next person, but I certainly don’t want those two huge corporations to be the last two standing when this is all said and done. 

I want to support the companies I love; and yes, Nordstrom is a huge company, but it’s still family-run and it sits near and dear to my heart as I was an early employee at Trunk Club (Nordstrom bought us when I was there) and worked there for seven years.  I still know many of the people who run Nordstrom and Trunk Club and I want to see them come out of this.  Ok, that’s my coronavirus spiel today–hope you’re all having a good day!

Closet Staples That Are On Sale

Vince slip skirt – Love this skirt. Great year round color (worn here)

Everlane western boots – These cowboy boots were made for walking (worn here)

Beyond Yoga leggings – Currently wearing.  SO SOFT.

Everlane day tote – A simple and easy work tote (seen here)

AGOLDE Parker denim shorts – The holy grail of denim shorts (worn here)

Equipment slim signature short sleeve silk shirt – Have owned this shirt since 2015 – best in the game (first seen here)

Hanky Panky boyshorts – My favorite underwear that never goes on sale.  (And yes, Aerie is a great dupe and much cheaper!)

AGOLDE Sophie destroyed hem jeans – Their mid-rise is still high and I really enjoy these jeans.

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